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The bus that anything else i was super surprise nobody's at the prison was yelling at me like fit like it was not just a normal conversation and everybody in the bus which is quiet and they're just looking tomorrow there will be a workshop on how to better understand your muslim neighbours the event is open to the public and begins its three o'clock tomorrow said saturday at the north was film forum that is on seattle's capitol hill will get ready for two road closures tonight washington state department transportation crews working to a large bridges over streams that are important to our local fish populations here's komos kill thompson route 202 in wooden ville also known as one hundred thirty first avenue northeast will close where crosses is over little bear creek that is just south of the 522 interchange crews are going to tear up and lay down a new bridge jacket when the project is finished the current culvert which is very small will be substantially bigger cell by opening up we're going to be able to slow down the water and make it a better habitat for the state he's the strain in retton stay route nine hundred will be shut down for a similar project just west of one sixty four th avenue southeast over green creek both should reopen in time for the monday morning commute though and that's comas kill topsoil less find out how we're doing all the roadways right now and for that we had over the aaa traffic desk and check in with sprint's and into gun i'll we are suffering from a crash after the shoulder southbound i 5 at the river rodley ills the jazz tie traffic hammered from and catholic parkway head toward the theme busy on the valley freeway heading northbound in renton humor onto 405 leave that installed the ankle that is blocking the right hand lane southbound i five still slow coming into downtown seattle backed up from just south of shoreline in southbound 405 tactically get busy through baath alarmed that's before at.

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