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So if you think only worth a sent a year well let's donnegan guy that law but we do sincerely appreciate it and his bonus material for patrons and they get the early edition and they get at free. So thank you again. Diamond into everybody. Who signed up as a patron era. Quite a few now. It's greatly appreciated now. fred We we heard not so long ago about the that. The interesting discovery in venus of coastal lee. The popular press it. While you know that maine says there's life in the atmosphere probably not but now we've found something. In the atmosphere of titan one of one of the the great moons indeed yes the biggest moon of saturn which was thoroughly explored by the cassini spacecraft in the well in the in the decade from a decade. She's thirteen years up to twenty seventeen when it when he was night. Basically enter saturn's atmosphere to not to burn up because there was there's no oxygen in substance atmosphere but to melt and vaporize and become part of the planet about which told us so much so tien thick thick atmosphere. Think it's four times the pressure of our atmosphere here on something like really an extraordinary place. It's nicole world surface temperature around minus hundred ninety. The surface is actually. Water is frozen solid light rock but he's got lakes of liquid liquid water by guy so that's sign titan in a nutshell. Actually one of the thing. I didn't say is that he's gonna liquid ocean which is a global ocean underneath the ice. Go everything one of my favorite places in the solar system. I'm going to read the nasa the first sentence or two up the nassar a press. Release a list. Which says this was. This comes from a couple days ago a few days ago. Nasa scientists identified a molecule in titan's atmosphere that has never been detected in any other atmosphere in fact. Many chemists have probably bali heard of it all know how to pronounce it really interesting here on prudential i'm going. I'm going to have a goatee. I enjoy a good luck. I think it is cyclo penalty. That's that's good effort on. I was reading through it as you said at that..

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