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It's the birthday boy Paschi, Fox Sports, Wisconsin happy birthday. Anything by us. No, I guess not. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. And we're glad that you're with us. I wanted to ask you about. I thought it was very interesting when you Janas was asked about the difference playing for bud. Versus kid didn't even let the question be finished being asked before he jumped in what do you see as the key differences in this coaching staff? Well, Janas answered the question by saying that the coaching staff and coach mode and holes are constantly positive, and they keep lifting the guys up every day. So that's the biggest part for the players. I think what happened here is this coaching staff did the heavy lifting during the off season. They took a complex game basketball is quite complex in both coaches approach it that way, but they took a complex game at boil it down and at the bottom of the funnel. It comes out in very simple drips for the players. They can be themselves. They don't have to think a lot. There are just a couple of things offensively. They do couple of things defensively they do their free to be great players. And I think that's the biggest. Change that I've seen. It's great work. By this coaching staff teams will definitely start adapting to the buck style here. Jim we've already seen the three point percentage come down a little bit is that due in part to adjust being made by opposing defenses or maybe just shots not falling at a given time. Well, it can be as you know, Greg either and some nights the shots. Just don't fall, no matter. What you do? No matter. How good you are at hitting three point shots or any kind of shot. But of course, there are constant adjustments. You in this league? That's what NBA basketball is about you counter all the time, you're making adjustments. And then when you get into a seven game playoff series. It's a daily series of adjustment. So the guys are used to that. That's not a big deal. They just have to figure out what's happening. And again, the coaching staff will help them through that each and every night. But I don't I haven't come across any reason to believe that there's a problem with the three point shooting. Coach buttonholes are just keep saying why did fly let it fly. What was Portland? Able to do about a week and a half ago to slow down the bucks roll. Well, it's very interesting in the four games. The bucks of lost teams have teams or great players have made shots that the bucks have really wanted them to take that being long twos. Ten feet and out outside the paint and inside the three point line. And she J McCollum did a heck of a job with that in game one at forty points. And those are the types of situations where you just have to tip your hat if you're beaten by players that make shots that you are funneling them toward I'm not sure you can do anything but say congratulations and move onto the next game. Bucks insiders birthday. Boy, Jim Paschke, Fox Sports, Wisconsin. Jim thanks so much for being with us. Have a great call tonight. Thank you. It is three forty nine. Bucks insiders sponsored by Waterston Bank, inciting unlimited the states number one car guy. Jim Griffin talks, candidly was John Mercure John Mercure here for Griffin automotive. If I was looking Jim to buy a station wagon. Where should I go probably to an auto museum? John to station wagons. When we grew up they had four sixty country Squires, they got ten miles to the gallon. Now, if you need a station wagon for a family or to pull boats, you go into an SUV, and those crossovers that you offer at the Griffin dealerships are so sweet wire crossover so popular well, first of all they're built on a car platform. But they're built like a truck sounds like something really made for Wisconsin and our lifestyle here. There are unbelievable. They just barrel right through the snow and the summer, you can haul your stuff you can all stuff you put those seats down most of the seats fold right into the floor. Visit Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in the auto mall Griffin..

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