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It's just a lot of dick references. Man is in time limb, but it is. It is a limp defensive and what people are saying like, oh, he people should be allowed to serve their time. And like you said, we don't know what the I don't. The other thing that is. So we should also. Quickly, no should be serve their time, but people should also be able to like, you know question what that amount of time is without being without trending on Twitter and being called every name in the book, which is kind of what I was about to do by saying. I still have a very difficult time with the fact that Louis c. k. and some of the other worst monsters, the actual certify -able monsters of the metoo moment. Louis c. k. isn't the same kind of monster is someone who actually forces themselves on someone to have sex. And when I think about the account of Louis c. k. having these awkward interactions with women where he's asking if he can masturbate in front of them, inasmuch as there might be some sort of power dynamic that's not a qualification and we excusing anything. It's, it's me saying also in as much as that might be a thing. There's also something really sad about a person that is so insecure and so. Unseld aware that that is the position that they put themselves in, especially when you're super rich and famous and you could take your money and go buy like a half million dollar sports car. Hang out with the migos and Drake at a strip club, throw a bunch of money and said, strip club do exactly future advises, go back home, OSHA bunch of bag, which is and have sex with them. But it's but it's a compulsion and it's a Finnish, I mean, he enjoys. Yes, of course because that's where of course, it's not. It's yeah, but then fetishes are right, that's that's why they're finishing that is the weirdest thing. But look, I mean, people have strange fetishes and it doesn't make it right, and he shouldn't do that kind of thing. But it is like I mean, keep in mind that the comparison, I guess, isn't often made people thrown in the same basket. But I mean, my friend Lorens von had the experience of Harvey Weinstein masturbating in front of her without asking. And there is like, I don't know if because I don't know. I mean, to be totally honest, I don't get in trouble 'cause I don't know the story back to front. I remember reading about it and in some of the details. But I don't know if he was ever accused of asking people saying no and him continuing. And I do think that there is a there is I certainly transportation us things. I mean, the difference between like cornering somebody as your Harvey Weinstein and being some like comic. And I think a lot of stuff was before you had the Louie show. I think before even lucky Louie. So the power dynamic, it is contingent upon what time in his career it is too. He just was like, Shelby comic at Sunday. It was, there were no accusations that I saw that he did it after being told, no, but there was a lot of pressure from his reps put on people to keep quiet. Oh, yeah, for sure. That is also a competiting. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, there's some. There's a lot of bad business in there and you know, I mean, I he's getting famous and getting more famous and then this came out on Gawker in a blind item..

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