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One hour down two to go here on the equine form, presented by twin spires, Mike Pena baron of the backstretch, happy to have you back with me. If you missed any portion of the first hour of the program, or any of our shows that we bring your way throughout the week, you can listen to all of them via podcast at horse racing radio dot net. And you can listen on every major podcast platform, whether it be Apple podcasts or Spotify or Google pod bean, whatever the case might be. Just make sure you're typing in horse racing radio network and stay informed with racing, not just this week, Derby week, but all year long with the programming that we present here on the horse racing radio network. A lot of things to get to. The pontiff of the pig four Jude fell going to be with me momentarily to talk folks in Derby, unsung heroes presented by woodbine coming up at 9 20. Jack Smith can join me at 9 40. And that's going to be a really special interview for me. Jack was the first interview that I ever did here on the horse racing radio network at my very first show. 20 years ago, it was April of 2003. This is my 20 year anniversary on radio and very happy to be able to say that I'm still with you here on HR and still happy to have you with me and still happy to be doing what I love talking about the greatest game in the world. But Jack was my first interview. 20 years ago, sitting alongside my mentor, Pete coulis. And so Jack is going to join me at 9 40, 20 years later to talk some racing and look ahead to The Kentucky Derby. 10 o'clock, eastern, the twin spires triple play. James Scully will give you three races to keep an eye on. Ten 20 Kurt Becker takes you on his weekly stroll through racing history and at ten 30, del Roman's Tim wilkin will both be here for this week's edition of I asked the answer. Let me know where you're listening from. Had a couple of people reach out to me a short time ago. My very good friends, Joe and Scott, they're fishing this morning on the green river here in Kentucky, and they are, they are listening to the show. Well, they're out on the boat. So guys, good luck, and I'll warn all the fish. Don't do it. It's a trap. That's not a real lure. That's not a real fish. That you're going after. So let me know where you're listening from. You can tweet the show at Mike at horse racing radio dot net another way to let me know where you tuned into the program here this morning. Jude foul is with me. He is the panther for the pick four. You'll hear plenty from JT next week, live from Churchill downs with the Derby countdown shows Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. JT, happy Derby week, my friend. Yeah, thank you. Great to be here looking forward to Derby week and countdown shows that Bobby Newman we always have such a good time. Yeah, so many great guests lined up too and you know, that's one of the cool things and I remember when you and I first started doing those shows together years ago when we came up with the concept, you're right there where all the action happens. You have the owners and the breeders and the trainers and you're looking at the twin spires from across the racetrack. It is just such a perfect spot to be Derby week. Yeah, it's a great atmosphere and you see a lot of people that maybe you haven't seen in a while, everybody shows up, they want to see the horses train and be on the backside and amongst the players. All the trainers are there and owners and it's really a fantastic experience. So one of my favorite things to do actually. Yeah, it's great. Let's talk about the horses. Oaks, Derby. Who do you have your eye on in both of those races? Well, the oaks is a really good race wide open race. I was doing some last minute studying last night and wet paint, a lot of people are not on her, which is kind of surprising to me. I mean, her record is fantastic. She's won three starts in a row by open links, her late pace figures, which I know you're a big fan of. Are impeccable. They're all over a hundred. I mean, you look at those figures all the time and you know how many horses have 100 pace figures in their last three, not very many. And so I think, you know, if flavian can keep her in a good spot and give her a shot to run the stretch, she's going to be pretty tough in that, right? Regardless of what all the geniuses say about her. The other two that I like south lawns is norm Cassie's. Silly. And he's done a great job with her. She's one of the last two starts, including the fairgrounds of she looked really sharp. I had a little bet on her that day. She was 7 to one. Norm Cassie's a favorite trainer of mine. I think he does a great job. And if I ever hit lotto, he's going to be my private director. He doesn't know that yet, but I'm seeing it publicly. So I came back down. And then the other horse that I think is interesting is botanical. She's running a turf in Polish. She's never run on the dirt, but she's a medallion door out of a blame mayor. So there's no reason to think she won't run well on the dirt. And she's won four straight for Brad Cox. So, you know, I don't know, he's engraved invitation to pick her. She looks pretty good to me. So that's kind of how I'm looking at the yolks right now. Of course, anything can happen.

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