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Council news on that the hand by Pacific gas and electric will have a second plan power shut off this weekend because of growing winds and high fire danger in northern California about nine hundred and forty thousand customers will be affected this can't be the new normal we need to find better solutions and obviously after this power shut off has concluded will certainly continue the conversation San Jose mayor Sam look cargo woody Giuliani appears to have made an accidental call or a black dial to an NBC reporter and this isn't the first time the most recent by dial is less easy to decipher it seems to record a conversation between Giuliani and another man in the same room it's unclear exactly what the context of the conversation is but it involves a man named Charles a man named Robert and the need for a big sum of money the jockey on America news W. G. Y. accu weather forecast considerable clouds tonight with a little rain beginning later this evening low forty three breezy with periods of rain tomorrow high fifty seven pleasant in warmer for Monday times of clouds and sun high sixty three that mostly cloudy for Tuesday and Wednesday high Tuesday and Wednesday sixty four I'm Alicia Daniels news radio eight ten one of three one W. G. Y. the capital region's breaking news traffic and weather station and now the I heart radio weekend sports time capsule Hey fellas sports fans it's anti western here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history at star way back in eighteen fifty seven where the world's first soccer club for football club Sheffield FC was founded in England this week in nineteen twenty one the Green Bay Packers played their first NFL game a seven six win over the Minneapolis marines this week in nineteen thirty nine NBC becomes the first network to televise a pro football game the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Philadelphia Eagles twenty three to fourteen at Brooklyn's Ebbets field this week in nineteen sixty six ice hockey legend Bobby your scores his first career goal against the Montreal Canadians at the time of his retirement he was the leading defenseman in league history with two hundred seventy goals this week in nineteen sixty seven the New Jersey Americans who later became the New York and New Jersey nets played their first ABA games and jumping ahead this week in nineteen ninety three Joe Carter hits only the second baseball World Series winning home run as the Toronto Blue Jays win game six of the World Series to beat the Philadelphia Phillies four games to two and I can still remember every awful moment yeah I'm a Phillies fan I heart radio weekend sports time capsule okay what do you wearing right now that's right someone's going to teach you how to dress yourself under always comes first name take the back then pants and shirt get the first button on the right hole if the star ledger socks one first and she was right on right left and left would you like to just take the end customer switch loop the rubber goes down the whole pull tight enough for many years my you're panting ahead most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes two minutes twice a day making sure they brush their teeth is easier could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain the two men two X. dot org to find out more message from the partnership for healthy miles comfy lights in the ad council get traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense starting at six AM tomorrow with shocking Kelly on eight ten and one on three one WG one shoes week in review you know what the translation of P. aired dialect dopey is the light full.

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