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You have to providing comply with those things i mean had a client the other day you know just do was looking for some transfers in the look at some bank statement we had a provided narrative of whether money what it's not difficult it's not hard you just have to do it some testes we we is ten trustees in this district some marleau many zero some all about harder you know we know gone yan one that we have to give a little bit extra effort in or explain a little bit more to an ones we know we know the case is going forward you know whether you know what we want to kind of prep up going forward but it is the dead is responsibility that of a trusty doesn't investigation that they've got to you know show books record you know if they looking for some type of transfer asset three can explain you know that crime and you know that far fetched example well i transferred a house to my friend two years ago we have any paperwork on it now how much to give you know you know anything about it now you know things like that those can become problematic issues the failure to disclose an asset in your bankruptcy him and i've talked about a case rata got represented a client and then do is bankruptcy he came retain me afterwards rep who didn't disclose that had a couple of businesses those all have to be disclosed if you failure to disclose any of those assets those can be a basis to object tea just judge now you know and finally the other one would being is that you gotta discharged in the last eight years obviously you can't get another discharge now most of these things should never ever problems ten ninety nine percent of the individuals filing a chapter seven the warriors should make sure headed time what's going on what needs to get down det the proper paypal work is set up and that everything is done properly i mean listen of trusty asked for some backup information i'm going to be on yeah i'm going to tell you give it to make but explain it out let's show where the issue what was in it's not an on comments saying.

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