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At bog boys podcast but also follow that youtube page because tonight very special announcement we will have a special cowboys blogging. The boys youtube page watch along for the giants and the and the washington football team going down tonight so make sure you check out the youtube page tonight. You got washington versus. The giants will have a little laugh. We'll get to celebrate. We're watch tyler. Heineke do his thing will watch evan. Ingram and saquon barkley away Ingram's been announced as out for the game. Saquon barkley questionable. We'll see how that goes. We'll laugh together. Right will laugh at how bad the rest of the nfc says it will feel better about ourselves so make sure you check that out on the blog in the boys youtube page. Make sure you subscribe to that but with that tom. Tom royal. i'm roy white. it's another thursday. In the books. Get riled up on the cowboys. We'll see okay this shows over. You're still listening for some reason which means you must have already downloaded. the prize. picks up. Because if you haven't gotten that yet why are you still here. Prize picks is basically daily fantasy only simpler pick between two and five players in games that day then take a look at their projected stats and select the over or under in one category for every player. That's literally it hit and.

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