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Good excuse of this story is Oh, well, there's electric vehicles and they don't pay as much. You know what the electrical the electric vehicle registrations are in the state of California. I looked it up 1.2%. Of all the registered cars. We have 28 million cars of the state. The only 1.2% or even do you see how Everybody in politics, lies and wild exaggerates. Climate change has no effect on the roads. Sea level rise has no effect on the roads. And 1.2% of people driving electric vehicles has no effect on the roads. But he throws that all out there and some bimbo but the L A times dutifully writes it down. Yeah, the cowl of the Caltrans spokesman Matt Rocco said. It's climate change and sea level rise and electric powered vehicles. No, it's not. That's a complete lie. Why'd you write that down? In the last fact there was, of course, the pandemic reduce driving last year, so last sales tax money came into the state. That may be the only one of these. That's true, but they still have an enormous amount of money, and they are claiming that repairs have increased over pre SP one numbers. That's the Senate bill. They passed away during sex, but they claim everything. Well, they they mostly lie. I assume they're lying until proven otherwise. So prove that The the number of projects is up. I've yet to run into one person or see one story where someone said, I think the roads are much better than they were four years ago, and I don't think so. Take a ride down the five No. One No. One downtown. It's still pothole City. That is my benchmark. Those are the right 11, I think has not been upgraded, probably since the 19 forties seriously. That's how bad the roads are. And I don't think I five downtown has been upgraded since it was originally built, probably in the 19 sixties. All right, maybe the fifties. Now, Of course, you got Biden throwing out this infrastructure built and everyone's like, well, California we get a share of that. Infrastructure means because it's not just the roads. It's the bridges and stuff they're talking about in this article that are in need of repair. You're gonna get that money. Please stop whining. I mean, it doesn't say in here specifically that they're looking to raise the gas tax even higher because that will be a big revolt because they have an automatic raise every year now. Right for their for their fake inflation over the The thing is, if they have the money, this is like the homeless thing. They have the money. They just don't spend it, or they don't spend it effectively to make life better. No, I Yeah, and the great example to show us that brought up We have higher costs, and California looks like reason Foundation did quite a story. The nation's roads. Last November. They're estimated that 20 almost 29% of California's urban arterial pavement was in poor condition. California placed 48th in the country. The national average is only 12%. So time and time again. They cited poor positioning by the state of California. When it comes to the roads on the response. We get another one of responses is it costs more here? Because the cost of living's higher it cost more to fix these roads per mile. And then there's the corruption charge, right? With high speed rail where billions of dollars disappeared and there's no paper trail. To prove where it went, which is true. They did not it and found out that Nobody kept track where the money is. Nobody knows where the billions went. In a lot of cases. And that's on purpose. Yeah, that's part of the cost of living the island. I It makes me crazy when they throw out these cliches. Only another cost of living is higher. Know the cost of corruption is higher. That's what it is. But you could hide it under the costumes. Oh, well, you know, think costs are higher because of climate change, and because of sea level rise is a bit What will you smoke? What kind of party you smoking, and then here it comes at the very end of the story. Caltrans is studying alternatives to the gas tax, including technologies for road charge collection. In March, the Federal Highway Administration awarded Caltrans a grant to test the ability of GPS systems to differentiate between public and private roads. The state is looking for other ways to grab per mileage fees. They're known as right to enrich themselves and not fix the roads. The whole thing ends with Scott Wiener. Wonderful state senator from San Francisco, saying we must eventually face out cars anyway to combat climate change. You will walk. We'll buy. Some must eventually phase out gas cars entirely to combat climate change. No, no. You won't be getting in 2040. They can't sell new cars that are gas cargo. That will never happen. You don't think that will happen? No. That's never gonna happen. Mark that down things that will never happen by John Coble. Never go Look what they were predicting back in 1990. That was gonna happen by now. Exactly all right, we got more coming up. John and Ken Ko Phi Debra Mark has news Governor Newsome is proposing spending a record $2 billion to prepare for and fight fires in California this year. California's gas tax is about to go up again. But officials say the billions already collected will cover less than half of the work needed to fix the state's bridges and roads. Long beaches. Newish Bridge finally has a name. Long Beach International Gateway Bridge opened in October as.

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