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The top at 30 past each hour on news radio w F l a way are expecting another pretty typical spring day. A little cool this morning, but a fast warm up. We make it to 81 comfortable level of humidity, so it still feels nice to be outside, especially in the shade. Mostly clear through the evening with overnight lows. It 63 tomorrow Another warm, sunny day at 82. The humidity will start to build. It will continue to build through the end of the week in the voting forecast today, pretty light winds east this morning, becoming west this afternoon at 5 to 10 knots and sees it two FT. Maxim. Integrate meteorologist least then the UV index is 10 right now. Mostly sunny 65 degrees in ST Petersburg, 61 in Tarpon Springs and 60. Yet her severe weather station news radio W F L A Next up day today. 15 on Chris Tranq man. Hope you're sitting down another dose of am Tampa Bay begins now on news radio. Tell you F L A Good morning. It is webs Day morning here at nine minutes after eight and Coming up here. Katie's got Lieutenant Governor, Jeanette Pneumonias. Who's going to be joining us to, um, talk about several things, but one of them is the It job that 60 minutes did on governor to Santis, which was pretty ridiculous. Um, And in the meantime, right now, at 10 minutes after eight we're going to check out our morning cavalcade here with John Thomas for the mosque, East Side Traffic center. We have so traffic in Hillsboro night for westbound between Orient Road and 50th Street and we have an accident. The right lane is walked in Hillsboro West Shore Boulevard north round near I 2 75. This travel report is sponsored by Route air conditioning powered by Ferguson, a track Hoffman. Electrical in air condition is one of Tampa's most trusted H back an electrical companies. Their team provides residential and commercial,.

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