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It was their love story that when when that trial they dale and gail one despite may not because of me. Susan did a terrific job but their story was so powerful that it overcame making a mistake. If your tears could talk what would they say? I regret lead myself. Get in the way Trial is never about the lawyer. It's about the client and you should always put their interests first and you should not put your ego up there. You should not put your stubbornness in the way you know. You need to listen to your clients and you'd listen to your client story in the reason that we were able to have a successful outcome in this case is because we knew our story better than the other side new their story but our story was real. Our story was true in our story was about everybody. It what you know. There's three stories in a jury trial. Scott there's the jury I mean there's the plane of story. The definitive story in the jury story now want matters jury story in the jury adopted gale and Nail Story. Because that's the story we all want in. That's what carried the day. There's no question in my mind. What Rafe we talk about. Having a personal connection to the case where was reform and in this case. Dale was kind of a character And I've been called a character Caisley and I really related to him. Because he's just stubborn you know he's already retired from one career to stay retired and enjoying go fishing but he don't WanNA retire. He wants to retire in Eighteen Wheeler and whole long haul loads across the United States of America. And that's kind of something I admired. I really connected with him. Gale who I'm still connected to to this day. I'll I'll I'll show you the depth of this connection. Gail gave me permission to use her. The facts of this case in my study from a book that I'm writing while finished writing it but in my classrooms and in my teachings in so I have the I have the facts condensed and I have the verdict form. Condensed in so I give it to strangers and try to predict based on how they answered the Dire question how they're going to answer this control fact pattern in. It's been remarkable learning experience. I've learned more about more dire because of gail than than anything in the world because I I'm Michelle Tobin created the only Dr Competition that's ever existed in the United States. And it's called the show me challenge and we invite schools from across the nation and it is a dire selection competition mock trial and the the fact pattern for one of the competitions was this case and she was so honored that almost it she had a conflict or I was GONNA fly out to to witness all these lawyers from all over the case doing board iron opening statement on her in her husband's case She sends me notes all the time. Saying get that. Dale would be honored in being able to know that lawyers are being trained with his story in their love story She sent me a collage of pictures for the trial. Most incredible thing you've ever seen not in number of volume but just the love that you can see in every picture for their children their grandchildren they're each other so my connection was with my heart one hundred percent. I viewed these people as clients but more than that. They were friends and they were the kind of grandparents and parents and spouses that we all should aspire to be Rafe. I'm touched that. You share the story with us that you took the time to share your heart with us and I'm excited to read your book and that's there's wisdom in there that I know that I'm I'm eager to get so thank you for being a friend and I mean that from the bottom of my heart thank you and to you know we trial lawyers are lucky if we get one person. Who's touched our heart. Who's helped us? Who's taught us and made us to be a better person and you're there really the first one for me so thank you. Thank you for the friendship over the years and our continued friendship in the future. And thank you for what you're doing. I mean this is important worker in here and if I can play a small part in helping you out. I'm I'm there for you but keep it up in. Thank you for the Scott. Thank you thank your kid take. Thank.

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