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Jerry go whittier tall juror recall go all right welcome a jobs jericho is the part of thunder rocky roland today it's been a long time coming but they're here at last one of the architects one of the pioneers of the new wave of british heavy metal saxon lead singer bit bedford is year love the fact that the vizier richard section back in two thousand thirteen we had such a blast we're going gonna talk about their new record thunderbolt talk about all of the new dates that they're doing in the uk starting this friday february 23rd cardiff if you live in cardiff in wales go check out saxon and then a march thirteen they're coming to the states with judas priest this incredible bill starts in wilkesbarre pennsylvania runs to the end of april yet all tickets information saxon 747 dot com that's saxon seven four seven dot com biff bedford is here and you'll find out why it so important them to keep recording released new albums they put one out of every couple of years he's time with the making of thunderbolt his favorite songs a play live the band's first ever tour of the state's supporting rush sean the moving pictures to her a what lemme and motorhead did for saxon all throughout the bands career the great chicken debate fuzzy versus axa whereas magic and i want chicken i love chicken have you ever seen the movie spinal tap some of that was based on sacks a little bit will denied to the death great great rock and roll hero the legendary beth botsford his ear let's take it away saxon right now and talk to jericho plugged into your with with with vis differed from saxon but that's not restarted earlier.

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