Tim Mahoney Describes His Journey to Biblical Archeology


I'm talking to Tim Mahoney who is behind the films called patterns of evidence, the new one. It's going to be in theaters may 15th and 17th only. Fathom event is patterns of evidence journey to Mount Sinai part two, okay, so I just have to ask because I'm sure you told me this in the past, but for my audience's sake, how did you get involved in biblical archeology and in these kinds of things? Because I have become more and more and more fascinated with this stuff. What was your journey to Mahoney? Well, I think that if you wonder about your past and you wonder about how we got somewhere, when I was in high school, my family actually broke up when I was 11 years old. And it was a tragic kind of a breakup. We actually had to go in hiding Eric from my father because he was, he wasn't well. And he and an 11th grade was the first time I started to get back an interested in school. And it was when I was reading a history book. And I started to read ahead. And it was like that scene from when John Candy when they're like, I'm sure that scene when Steve Martin and John Candy in a movie where they're like in bed. And they're all of a sudden they wake up and they start talking about baseball or whatever. And I was like, thinking to myself, what in the world am I doing reading ahead in this book? I do not, I'm not supposed to be a good student. I don't like this, but I found history was fascinating because I was learning a story. It was a Civil War. And I was going deeper and deeper into it. I couldn't believe what had happened. I finally became aware that something happened earlier in time. And I think that this history, when you ever have a chance to look and you go, well, how did this happen? Where did this happen? And in my own life, I thought I was just going to go on adventure, but once you go into a place like Egypt and you see the pyramids and you see archeology and you realize that there was nations here before, there were armies here before, there were pharaohs and you look at the tombs and you look at go to the British Museum and you see what was created. Human hair from 3000 years ago, we wove together. I saw this wig that was both African and like a Norwegian hair that was woven together. I go, who was this person? Who are these people that all this happened? And you just realized that there's something more. And I think that that interest of knowing what the past was about, what drew me in, and so when I went to Egypt, the first time in 2002, I was absolutely astounded by the precision of things that were created. And how in the world did that happen? And then as you bring your faith into it, you realize that God is the creator of everything

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