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The sporting world she worked at is not the sporting world that i was raised in and but the ratings have been enormous everybody loves a good story so they're watching the golden knights play hockey which is which is cool seven texting in about the quarter pound fresh he couldn't tell too much different plus it was too damn salty thank you the old quarter pounder for the new quarter pounder does anybody actually believe that filling my man says has opinions on this but he's he's he's remaining quiet in the booth there tonight with me he has no opinion on the key i i you know they made it look so good it was so tempting but you know hard to hard to imagine that after all these years mickey d's is just making a huge huge move with their quarter pound i mean that would almost be sacrilegious for your quarter pounder is carry you to this point in life why all of a sudden would you make a move at this juncture it just it just seems completely out of line three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred patty coming up at eleven tonight kevin powell was out at wrigley field tonight he's texting me about miller lite shoutouts if you file kp on on instagram you really get a great picture of a miller lite at least like five times a week it's a it's a it's a great job by kp he gives you a great recap of his day any really appreciates the old school miller lite which i which to me it's amazing how it stood the test of time like things that have stood the test of time that you just you never wanna veer from or you always come back to miller lite is is one of those products and one in somehow some way that just makes me think of my guy ozzie guillen who i got to do free form radio here just thoughts flowing through my head got to do nbc sports chicago sports talk live tonight and is he was on.

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