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From the american academy of dermatology weather and traffic before february eleven twenty 18 newsradio 700 wlw cincinnati to ohio police officers gave their lives in the line of duty this is continuing coverage from newsradio 700 wlw with the 1230 report i'm troy atoms soak give away from protection rovers limits were balucan brood they were shot after responding to a nine one one hang up call to police officers were killed saturday in the line of duty just north of columbus westerville police chief joe morbid sur could barely speak at times when announcing the deaths of two of his finest two officers 39yearold eric georigan fiftyfouryearold tony morelli gunned down while responding to a nine one one hang up call arrestable family are worcester wrote community will rally around the reader families of these off kosir who were slain in londonderry morbid sir says it took just eight minutes for the officers to arrive at that apartment he says the immediately took on gunfire officer during died on the scene ereli died later it olshey wexner medical center a suspect is in custody in columbus jarrett alley newsradio 700 wlw newsradio 700 wlw has more frequent traffic and weather updates heard every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons there is a report of intoxicated man on the roadway beach mont avenue at worcester pike and an accident fortin avenue at forbes road vegas forecast from.

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