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Went to target when they opened at eight o'clock in the morning, and it was like five to eight and they made you wait outside. And they were like, hey, look, we're not holding. You were we just got a truck and one loading the truck only you guys have added, and we just got weird. But now you have the time to prepare and to go out and get a couple of things. So I was that girl who we were just talking about they showed you during the break. I have a friend of mine from high school. I for some reason that Takashi guy made a she just had some surgery in the Takashi made a video for somebody that she knows knows him whatever, but she just posted cheese in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and she just took a picture of the gas seventy dollars and forty two cents. Why BP they're not allowed to do that? Right. Well, the, but the problem is that if it if it can't get up there, then they can do that. If it's supply and demand, they can do that. They just can't gouge surprises because and if there's not a state of emergency hasn't been declared, then they can get it all in. Now, you have to look you have to look at that. I talked about this couple times show. There's a gas station right by the malls in Orlando. And there's also a couple by the airport in Orlando that the gas is five dollars higher a gallon. And I wasn't paying attention is one and hit regular put it in. And then it clicked off real quick. And I went well that was my car was empty. It's to click. It takes me, you know, good three four minutes. I Lord of the fill up my car because the tank is so big, and I look over and it says eighty dollars, but I've only got a couple of gallons in their houses. And I realize I'm paying five dollars and something a gallon. I got suckered into it. I wanted to stand outside the shell station. Stop everybody. No, no. But still when I go over there. It's still there. And the problem is there's no law regulating whether or not you could do that. And they know that people get desperate. There's a that traffic on four right by Disney. People get desperate for gas. They go to Alan Malaita over there. And they get him for the gas and most of the stories don't make money on the gas. They make money on the inside of the store. So if they gouge on the outside it's going to be all profit for them. But I thought there was a law in time of emergency. You can't raise it. These people like put it by the gas station, and when you're returning a rental car, and you don't know the area, you go to the gas station closer to the rental return, and you're paying five bucks a gallon. Also, of course with hurricanes.

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