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Our own arm they now had one of my contract cannon have rarely agreed nap on that he would really be if i had an offer romney up the and we got an offer to get a date upon it and she i not to let me go well and you have been trying to get it to you will see for quite some time wrote yes it's always been my um bowl the poor went any of my get ten and then when they show up at a time to part of the thief or try to get there in why juicing the offer tim now um i think it's just because my record getting up there i got the call one of four but a two and a one twenty five there was by lauren murphy on short notice may i took by but they ended up going with thumb or gsm not remmer name right now but i think it was the right time my career and the rights record and they need me for life while suit suit torch to know how old you when you looked at initial offer uh twenty twenty one i honestly can't remember was you were to join in 2016 so probably two years grew you're twenty twenty one um was that mentally was at a bumper few to to get an offer to accept it and the knock at the fight oh really a bummer another step along the road you know like it was kind of iowa like a and i'm here and they're looking at me were watching sure sure you're on the reader.

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