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Finally, the Senate removal from office and disqualification from further office applies technically only two executive and judicial office. In other words, someone running for president or being a federal judge or cabinet member. It doesn't apply to block someone from running for house or Senate. So you could imagine, even if he were convicted in the Senate on disqualified from from holding office under the executive or judicial branch by the Senate. President Trump could try to run for the Senate himself down the road. There's a separate provision in the Constitution that does say somebody who's guilty of insurrection while holding office in the United States. Can't be a member of Congress down the road, but that's a whole another provision under the 14th amendment, and we don't even really know what the deep how that works yet because it's never really been involved. We're learning a lot about our Constitution, Dean. See how we always are. Thanks so much for joining us. We appreciate it. We hope to hear from you again, okay? Take you back tomorrow from the University of Illinois always helps us out when we have some heady constitutional questions. All right, quick. Look at the weather. Steve Percentage looks like it's gonna be cloudy today. Maybe a little patchy fog and mist behind your 32. We've seen a little bit of light snow. In southeast Wisconsin. But nothing really organized and then mostly cloudy. It's Neidl of 28. Then tomorrow mostly cloudy. Expect a high near 36 right now in Chicago. It is 24 at O'Hare, the windshields 14 there. It's also 24 in midway in the lakefront. 23 in Kankakee and 26 Juliet. Here are your match ups for the divisional playoffs in the NFL next weekend. Saturday, it'll be Green Bay hosting the Rams of Lambeau and then Baltimore at Buffalo, Cleveland in Kansas City, the first game Sunday. Then it's New Orleans After the 21 9 went over the Bears. Hosting Tampa Bay. The home teams are favored in all four matchups. Police and crews still on scene of a crash in Carol Stream at the intersection of Gary and Elk Trail. You're traveling north bound on the tristate, You're gonna be tapping on the brakes getting onto that westbound to 90 ramp. Also, Eisenhower still slope from first to displays and again from racing to the burn. I'm Vicky Cocu's Ian, WGN traffic Central An update from you on how your kids are doing it school and the doctor has options for you. If you think the pandemic is pushing them too far, plus news from D, C and here in a new batch of speed jokes John Williams starting tonight..

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