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So when I started working out penguin, those people I was only guy dead haven't compensation and his interested. He said that crosses the wrinkles Gilda shoes. Choose telling me, I'm working wrong. And then. Not randomly, and she starts working about like, Jay Haas flimsy in. What is going to solve an I four K to the Smiths and Morrissey, I mean because I'm trying to trying to outdo her. I wanna. Exactly kind of just like I will point. Do we say these are the things that are coming to Voss? But then not distinct by race, John and it won't make any kind of miss. I to one of those things, I don't know. Well, I think needs to be important is that needs to be that dialogue. So that if you see somebody does not know what you're talking about. Explain it to them talks about a lot of the times. All you need is inclusion. Also, what do you think about this? I'll say, oh, I don't know. Oh, okay. Let me tell you. So it's very easy. Just it just don't have to do it because it's very easy. If it's a common thing, it's what you do around question. We have a Mike because that we can have it. All okay here. It's just basically around you guys were saying, and I find it very interesting, the anxiety and the preoccupation with including white people and whiteness, and I just it's just a very funny compensation to hear like if you you know, if you gravitate toward other black people why is there an itty about it? Why can you not be a punch ethic about unapologetic about that? And just go two ways. He something in common. Why do you really care about what up why people today care about that one day go in tools, the people that they gravitate towards and it might be at your exclusion? You know? So I just feel like it's not just a bit moot point. Like, I why do you think people can because one we are not a majority, sir. Just because I told you what what you're saying. But. I think people care because you are noticed one black woman amongst field of why faces with a way you go. You are seen. So I think the exiled comes from you thinking, or should would they think that I'm not being you know, so should enough because I'm only gravitating towards black people. You think it like even though for example, where I'm like have a resold foundation of black girls who I literally hang around with every single day. I have no business hanging out. Anybody else to why can leave and hang out with my friends? However, we have had that conversation of ood e think that maybe and then yet, but who cares as you say, but that conversation law people have it and a lot of times, you feel it, and it's just it's the confidence of getting to that stage of actually I can gravitate who I wanted. People don't have that confidence. Anything other just reached the stage with the moose environments where I just. K anymore because I've been so used to being the anyone even ambitiously when there are other people in those environments that Dennis early. Honestly, inviting or take thing so you just become quite like not reclusive. We just indifferent tool. Yeah. I just do you do that Giovinco? Question to have to stem. Not cool. Yeah. We can see. Think I think some of the combine? Are in or extremes who? Yeah, I think the clouds poisonings nothing that you have friends. Sale. So I think it's like a an obligation to make people feel comfortable with the head. Or or small walk on a response by Tom's of the previous seems to me is too scary scene in Ville because it's not word between funding scaring, a bunch of people went into talk to you because they've seen what? And who they wanna do is remind you that black of tool can choose about like, you know, where your camera initial enough the point it's not really about. It's not really about of picking Toby our into train station and Wackle a white guy said to me in this into doubly. That's that's the genome about like, how did you get head stage? I mean to you need help those are the things we're talking about think about..

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