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So the obama people kept harping on the yearlong breakout. And that just struck me as like the dumbest reason to to sign the cpa but like whatever it worked and all the criticisms of it like it paves the way for ron to build a bomb. Which just like totally nonsensical right. It imposes limits and so it just from From a subject matter expert perspective it is baffling to me that we got so close to getting it right given how just completely detached from reality our discourse about this agreement has been so you know like i should. We really be surprised that this is all collapsing like a house of cards. I mean no no no. I don't think we should perhaps we. I mean looking back and being self critical. We were overly optimistic about that. Brief window before run in elections in our ability to organize and get moving really fast. You know i mean it would have been very simple. I mean the president just had to stand up and say i'm reentering the deal. I am prepared to waive some sanctions. We're gonna work out a time. Line in which we will waive all of the sanctions to coming back into compliance in a in a manner that's consistent with the iranians coming back into compliance to. I mean it would have been a political hit but he could have done it. He could have done it on day. One if if he if he really wanted or if he was surrounded by people who really want it but i don't think they wanted to take the hit.

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