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Gonna make a lot of people. Head to the poor house. And every time I say this, I get criticized what are you got to have? Go ahead. What's your problem, you do it on the phone? Yeah. You can just bid on your phone already. So, yeah. I mean that's a whole walk across the stadium. But, but the point being you're at the ballpark, you go for a little haiku out and get a beer place, a vet while you're there, I guess, but every time I say this, I get five or six guys on my Twitter, that say you're out day you don't get it, blah, blah, blah. This two thousand nineteen but another forty year old UNLV story, but Larry I seem. He pull standing there where every guy who's happy as five six seven guys losing their ass. I I'm just telling you toss up. You. I know what and you want your kid to go. So what? So what I mean I hate to say that. Problem. You know, I mean. Yeah, if I if I drink vodka to my head for the next seventeen hours, I'll be dead. Yeah. So what you know, should I should? We outlaw vodka because I could do that. No. And people have the discipline themselves, is it going gonna is going to be a great advancement for the people that can handle it. It's going to be a tale of woe to the people that can't, and I would say that the security inside stadiums will have to be increased dramatically once this stuff happening, once it's prevalent that you've got thousands of people wagering on the games suddenly, you're going to have a raucous crowd. That's not just, you know into it, but actually invested and then could get ugly and up a play. The old thing. I know I guess, I want my son to grow up and say, dead, the forty Niners can beat the Rams, blah as opposed to, hey, dad, what's the spread on the Rams?.

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