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Bam Auto bio to the free throw on an all star this year. You know those teams these teams are watching tonight. They really stole the drama. The bubble didn't both teams right Nuggets in the Western Conference and Miami what they did in the East Course. They advanced all the way to the finals, losing to the Lakers, but both teams are so much fun to watch in the bubbles. Three. Seven times seven times before tonight, going against yoke it she has a five and to record in those games was outscored by Yokich, 19 and nothing 34 to 7 29 to 13. And 23 to 2 in the first four meetings. That's what you call a lesson. Yes. Comes the polio. Kaji jobs it across the timeline nuggets her up by seven high right side over the porter lobs it on the elbow to Nicole Yoke. It's guarded by Otto Bio. It's a nice offer. Face. Now he gets double change. Jump past backdoor cut over the quarter leads him Lay up. No good. Don tone by Gordon and the easiest shot quarter had all night and he misses it High. Right side is Jimmy Butler through the window. The auto bio. Had fake on your bitch puts it on the floor and yo could steals it away. Picked him clean outlet pass over the porter Porter loses. It gets it back behind him to Barton Barton on top to the big fella. You have been chosen on the right side over the Aaron Gordon. Gordon. Oh, as a bad pass thrown away, tapped away by Jimmy Butler and Yokich isn't even gonna run to the other side of the floor layup. Goodbye. Butler. Joker was disgusted by that play. Shaking his head and Malone calls a time out and Gordon.

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