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On a side to get his tongue out so doesn't swallow it so chris. Erickson doesn't swallow his tongue to then perform. Cpr until the first responders could arrive to instructing his teammates to create a wall a human wall to cover. Where were these horrific scene. So his family his wife and kids and family and parents if they're watching and the fans around the world wouldn't see this horrific moment amazing just amazing scenes and i can't speak volumes of of the human compassion that was shown in that moment but staying on that element of a human compassion to force these players to have to choose in the heat of the moment for you wafer who was all high and mighty who was all. Let's keep our sport pure in against the european super league to all of a sudden. Say you know what this would be a logistics. Forget about their feelings. Forget about this. Forget about us witnessing. Casper's michael and cure consoling eriksson's wife pitchside. Forget all that. Let's these guys what they wanna do now because we can't for one minute compromise our wallets. It's disgusting it's disgraceful. I literally wit and ransom errands. And when i opened up my phone i realized that game had been played and i said what this game was played beside myself. I could not imagine you can see the scenes of the danish players warming up with tears in their eyes moldy so actual tears in their eyes. Because what are their teammates. A brother to them isn't a life and death situation and they're being asked to go perform. Obviously you saw the game and how it ended the goalkeeping air that you can only imagine what these players were thinking and it was just unacceptable and what is unforgivable is that these social channels for you were actually boasted that the dentist players demanded to go back on the pitch when he was cured that they were giving no choice. They had to go back. Complete the game and again as i asked regarding venezuela and committed uncomfortable. Why are the players. The ones that have to decide what happens next. That's why we have federations. That's why we have excecutive because they are supposed to be in our to make those conscious decisions not players. Who is just saw their teammate. Going on the ground and not knowing what was going to happen it was a complete these great. the way that was handled. The tournament moves on. All that matters is ericsson's health and we'll be keeping an eye On the danish players as well as the finish players robin leitch who plays administered united. They were witness to that as well. Just asking these people to continue on with their lives. As if nothing has happened was mind boggling. Welcome to his. Show our friends of ashton. Assad is the first time you've been introduced in your own show city. I'm doing well. Gosh i gotta say maybe. I shouldn't admit this out loud. I like watching the show much more when i'm not involved in. I'm sure there's some of our viewers would probably agree with that. Great workout does even know i agree with. Hey man this is your show. I'm just keeping the seat warm. Don't worry about it. We're like a family. You know soda rotation right..

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