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How he asks do the dolphins need to select a QB in the first round if so would they have to trade up from thirteen we didn't really get into this much. But can the dolphins select a QB without moving up. Sure they can. They also picking a second round. And we keep forgetting about those second round quarterbacks and those third round quarterbacks that they may deem better value, which would be thinly Steadham will Greer. So we'll see what Miami does. I think they get a quarterback within the first two rounds. I'm not convinced. They take one at thirteen though. All right, Todd. This doesn't have to be a linebacker comp. But I like the idea Thomas kinetic asks who's this used areas Leonard that player taken in round two that makes immediate impact. I would classify this is just like one of your guys that's gonna fall little bit. I'll go to wide receiver because I think this year with marquees Brown coming out of Oklahoma. Having the injury the list Franken beat one hundred and sixty six pounds, decay Metcalf, lateral agility and the route running went out of ole miss. I just think there's value in round two and round three it wide receiver. Whether it's his teammate AJ Brown from ole miss, Nicole, Harry from Arizona state deebo Samuel if he's in great shape. He may be the most talented wide receiver in this class. Paris campbell. Four three one coming out of Ohio State, Terry MacLaurin, another allows state receiver running in the four threes in the best special teams player in the entire draft. JJ or Sega Whiteside who Mel talked about coming out of Stanford, basically a basketball player and awesome in the red zone. So I think that's where the values are gonna come is at that wide receiver position on on day two and especially round two. All right Kuyper. Dave cuff, ask Koran hidden had a great season for Michigan and tested. Well at the combine where do you see him getting drafted? Yeah. He's a right now is my fifteenth running back when aboard which draftable. Yeah. Which is very draftable. And I think he's right in there. With Rodney Anderson coming off that injury at Oklahoma. And Bryce love coming off an injury at Stanford. So they're kind of separate entities because of that injury concern, but he's in that mix with Dexter Williams from Notre Dame in that Reich. Well, Armstead temple grouping Bilo below them miles Gaskin, Washington. I liked Divino zig. Bo nebraska. But I think when you look at her Madison Boise state's write it down write it down. He's going to he's going to surprise some people where he goes. Alexander madison. Literally writing down, right? I talked about him on ESPN dot com. Back when he was a freshman came on the Dr Ian Mel show. Hey, here's one. This sounds like did play. Tommy starting to about a Tommy was our former quarterback that gave me the scouting report on him along. Speaking of Tommy, Stewart, only, I would know this. I got a Boise state question. Mel, okay. We just one with Madison. Yeah. Time you soccer. Kyle Strack and Ascot Boyce mistake, you'll be Brett Rippin from shaneco park high school in Spokane could he be an interesting day three project or highly coveted undrafted Brett Rippin like Todd thinks about Daniel show..

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