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The sports leader sponsor violin, Arden's markets, quite simply All right. Welcome into extra innings to the Giants, losing in Scottsdale today 8 to 6 to the Kansas City Royals, but I wanted to bring you up to some news for the Giants is the Giants have signed left hand pitcher Jose Alvarez to a one year contract. With a club option for 2022. The Giants announces during the game today Jose Alvarez to a one year major league contract worth 1.15 million. The contract also includes a club option for 2022. In a corresponding move right hand picture Jordan Humphries was claimed off waivers by the San Diego Padres. Alvarez posted a 142 earned run average one earned run in six and a third innings last year with the Philadelphia Phillies in eight appearance before he got struck with a line drive in August. 20th And did not end the season on the roster. Right hand hitters 33 for 15 with one extra base hit off of him. 31 years old. He is now property of the San Francisco Giants. He'll be in Scottsdale soon, but today what a great game Johnny Cueto, That was what I was looking forward to see Johnny Cueto how he was going to come out this year. And boy he put on a show for two winnings. When you start looking at him one pitch first pitch. It's a pop up to Crawford that he strikes out to second hitter. Then he strikes out that third header. He only threw eight pitches, eight pitches and he struck out to in the first inning. Second any came right back Salvador Perez, the great catcher the Royals have had since their world serious run. He struck him out with a 94 mile an hour fastball a nice rise ball through it by him. Solar was the only one who hit a double often came back and struck out Ryan O'Hearn with a nice change up and then sure enough, he got a ground ball off Dozier to end the inning with working two innings. Two Beautiful innings, one hit. Four strikeouts. A couple relievers threw the ball real well, Sam Selman again with a nice, solid inning, one inning with one walk Matt Whistler again his second inning. So far this spring, he's been hitless. And then, of course, Camilla Duval, the po the picture that everybody loves the lightning fast 98 Mile, an hour fastball as well as a changeup. He worked one inning and striking out too. Couple pictures that didn't fare well, weighty. Peralta gave up three runs three earned. Trevor got gave up a home run and Luis Gonzalez for time. First time on the mound with the Giants did not last the full inning in the ninth through 26 pitches, and they pulled him after two thirds. The Giants play pretty well lost 8 to 6. Three errors to buy Wilson at third base throwing error, and Luciano missed one through his legs. Luciano is just having a struggle so far, striking out twice again today and in a fielding air 19 years old. He's learning the big leagues the hard way. But this is what you want. You want him to learn the hard way, so he only gets better boy. He's got a lot of talent, too. Get away can be our if you want to get on the phone lines with me. We're gonna take that show till five o'clock at a great interview with Tyler Beatty as we continue the show and I ate away came BR if you won't hit me up Twitter. At last the 19. If you want to use your phone, fax, you can fax any questions to 4158856 to 7 Fishes and studios producer today? And also Shawn's are working the board and appreciate both of them in studio as I bring you extra innings, but some of the things that happened today Evan Longoria, what a great he started a D. H. Today. He's got some problems with planner. Fast See itis, which is the foot problem says not a big problem. But they started about a D. H, and he came up in the third inning with bases loaded in a nice double boy. That's what we want to see outta him a double. It cleared the bases, and the Giants really scored four runs that inning in the third inning. And then the home run by Solano leading off the fifth was very nice. Solano taken 6 Ft. 6 240 pounder Jonathan Boland. Real big picture for the Kansas City Rusty come out to left Field first home run first Solano this year. It's nice to see it. Starting lineup pretty much in order. They'll Estella one for three. Hit the ball. Well, you strip ski tooken over to got a nice walk. Donovan Solano went one for three with a home run. Buster went over to got hit by a pitch. Evan Longoria. Ended up going one for two with a double three R B I's cross to two at two at bats. Rough had three at bats. Jason Vossler Ah gentlemen that we need to start paying attention to. He is really hitting the ball well. Today was up three times. They gave him an error on the ball, hit deep to right field and ended up a triple, but they ended up giving the right fielder and error. He came back up and forth in and got a nice double The left center field and I got a base hit in the sixth inning. He went two for three score two runs, and Jalen Davis got a nice base hit. After the error by Vossler when he came up to third jail, and Davis got a bloops single to left center field. Gotta run and got his first at bat of the spring. So a lot of positives today Solano, the home run Longoria with a double Vossler, who's really showing Ah, lot of potential played left field today, and he's usually AH, utility infielder. But these are all things we can talk about is we continue on extra innings. Eight. Awake can be. Our phone lines are open. You know some of the things that were going on in spring training, we'd talk about it all the time. Things were changing guys. They're getting opportunities to pitch guys. They're getting opportunities to play. Sure, the Giants have not one there. 13 and 21 win two losses and two ties..

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