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News station i pat allen a charter train carrying dozens of gop lawmakers to a republican policy retreat in west virginia struck a garbage truck in rural virginia town today no lawmakers or aides reported injured but the white house says one person was killed and other seriously injured senator jeff flake says he survived a survey the accident scene moments after stepping off the train the arizona senator says the truck was heavily damaged looked in a cab you could see mobley survive in there but if you're back on the track typically not people assisting garbage our that was members of full impact the justice department wednesday filed to dismiss its remaining charges against senator bob menendez bringing the legal case that has hovered over the new jersey democrat for years to a close after a federal judge tossed out several counts against senator menendez the justice department decided not to continue with the retrial based in the evidence that would still be admissible in court back in november after a jury in newark new jersey remained deadlocked new jersey senior senator accused the feds of a witchhunt away this case thought it was wrong way it was investigated was wrong he said he was grateful to the justice department for reaching an appropriate conclusion menendez was accused of doing political favors for florida doctor in exchange for vacations and paid for travel i'm steve kastenbaum and the full commissioner dr goodell is holding his yearly super bowl week news conference discussing the state of the league goodell was asked that the league is going to get involved in helping former forty nine ers quarterback colin kaepernick at a job in the league next year all the clubs individually have to make their own decisions about who's on the roster who's not on the roster collins you know who's filed a grievance are not going to talk specifically about that case but i think that's something that the clubs have to make that decision and we as we do not get involved with that in any way so i don't anticipate that in any way 56 degrees in albuquerque our next news update is at 2 o'clock i'm pat allen on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob union.

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