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Is the same as just drinking one CBS news. Correspondent Matt piper has the story if you appreciate a Cup of Joe every day. Sometimes different studies come out making you question. If and when you should even drink coffee. Well, a new study funded in part by the British heart foundation, finds it drinking, five cups a day was no worse for the arteries than drinking less than one Cup. The study of more than eight thousand people also found that those who drank up to twenty five cups a day. Yes. One day, we're no more likely to experience heart issues, than someone drinking less than one Cup. Although some participants in this study drank twenty-five cups a day. The average daily intake was five previous studies suggested that coffee can cause stiffening of the arteries that piper CBS news. Well, that's a relief traveling tomorrow is maybe harder than anyone thought why men can't travel to Mars. Here's CBS's Jim Chenevey. According to a team of scientists assembled by the European Space Agency, a manned mission to Mars is impose. Possible at present. The problem is radiation, astronauts, on a trip to the red planet, would be bombarded with seven hundred times the radiation experienced on earth, a one day in spaces equivalent to the radiation received on earth for a whole year, according to experts and emission Amar's would take six months. There's also the risk of unpredictable solar particle events from the sun can deliver even higher doses of radiation in a very short time. Jim Chenevey CBS news. And if you've ever thought about picking up your partner cell phone, and taking a look at what's on there. Well, it could mean the end of your relationship, here's CBS's Matt piper. Again, why do people snoop researchers from the university of British Columbia Canada recruited one hundred two people and ask them to recall past situations where they access the phone of someone. They know out of the forty six participants who provided information about relationship outcomes, Twenty-one set a relationship ended because of snooping the phone owners felt trust was betrayed. While another reason was the relationship was not so strong to begin with some who looked through phones said they did. So because of jealousy, the desire to control relationships with others financial gain, or some just wanted to pull a prank that piper CBS.

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