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That one Zack you whether some sun this morning than clouds and chilly rain, arriving toward evening, some sleet mixing in while behind 42 when there's time. Six, So one traffic in transit on the ones now here's Jody Veil. And Lee. Let's go over to West Chester in the Bronx. It's looking good on the Hutch and New England Thruway and no problems on the Bronx River Digging or Bruckner Cross Bronx looking good this morning, too, as you make your way to the apartments. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels. Just a minor delays and announce at the George Lincoln and Holland are also running welfare Asano. Not seeing any problems is you're making your way. Staten Island and Brooklyn bound at a Manhattan we're seeing the East Side pretty clear. Harlem River Drive into the FDR West Side is also moving nicely. That times Square clean up, though, continues watch for those street closures from 42nd 49 streets between six and eight avenues because of the ongoing New York seat cleanup. In Brooklyn and Queens were looking good on the Guan is built. Ella in Grand Central and all quiet in Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island's Big Three blog, Northern State and Southern State. Traffic and transit every 10 minutes on the ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Jodi Veil on 10 10 wins. Uh so sit. Oh, honey. Seriously, I'm sick. Oh, honey, it's time for dick will severe honey, It's maximum strength cold and flu medicine with soothing honey licious taste. I love you,.

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