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It was probably gonna hit the top of the wealth. Yeah. But sometimes it gets passed off as a robbery anyway, I'm probably I would say that in my life. I have seen maybe twenty five highlights that were described as homerun, rob. Stories that were not or maybe maybe twelve and a half. Maybe I'm over exaggerating by by one hundred percent. So maybe twelve and a half. And I can only think of one that I saw that. I thought that was missed hag. I just wanna have a healthy amount of skepticism of that. But that is the anomaly that I'm recounting so anyway, homerun robberies. Yeah. One other thing. I wanted to mention Edwin Jackson was just traded or I guess technically purchased by the Toronto pooches over weird transaction type to say the person was purchased. So at to say that he was traded for money to the Trump jas from the as and he is not pitched in the major leagues yet this year. But he is probably about two in Toronto because their rotation has been thinned they need some help. And where do you go when you need rotation help? Of course, you co two Edwin Jackson as many many teams have before if he does make his debut for the buddhis- that will be his fourteenth major league team. And that will be record. He is currently tied with ACTA vio tell with thirteen teams played for. So he's about to be the all time leader. And I wonder what it is. You think pout Edwin Jackson that made him likely to be the all time leader, unless it's just a pure randomness and fate dictated that he would happen to be picked up to dropped the disposable. Or is it something about him in particular that allowed him to prick this record? Well, I mean, it certainly helps that he debuted when he was nineteen, and you know, that that gives you a few by the time he for instance, by the time, he hit this is I mean, this is part of the hand waving of the of the answer. But by the time, he hit free agency. He was probably twenty seven and had played for sixteen already. And I mean a lot of guys when they're twenty-seven there. They haven't even reached arbitration yet he only played for two teams. In his first five Innes for six years in Bohol. But they were all the the first four were all partial years, he was very young and so on and so forth. So that by the time he was twenty five he was playing for his third team. He was in arbitration he was in that sort of trade zone far earlier than anybody else generally gets traded. There's the fact that he for a long time was sort of seen as more exciting than good. I guess is a way of putting it like there was always a a feeling that there might be another gear there. He was a highly touted prospect. He had glimpses of brilliance he threw hard. And anytime you have a combination of of throws hard and results aren't there? It's like pitching coaches all think I will I can fix that. And so that probably helps as to why in the later stages, though, why he would be I mean, I don't. Is it as simple as he he will go where James shields will not maybe. Yeah. As far as picking up going as far as you know being out there and bring training trying to get you know, a team to sign him. Whereas a another pitcher might just say, I mean, I don't really need this. So if it's easy than I'll do it. And if it's not then all stay home could be it could be that. It's I don't know there. He has sometimes been good. Even in these years when he has largely been bad which helps he's got you know, he's not the thing about Edwin Jackson, isn't it's not like every team regrets. It by any means. He's he's you know, he's a he's a good tiger. Like if you're a Tigers fan in your name and good Tigers. He's a good tiger at which makes sense. He was twenty five when he was a tiger. But like he was also a good White Sox player pitcher white sock. He's like he goes down in White Sox. More is a good white socks and a good cardinal. And he was a good brave, and he was a. I was gonna say cub and not really a good..

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