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Hope to eat crawfish with martin and just you know hope to meet all the rest of the crew and will hopefully gertz maybe once so i just wanna tell you guys had a great time loved it there and came with come back and hope you enjoy being in my naked woods chicago june thirtieth at park west hope you guys really enjoyed here so so having said all that states elsie very nice very nice give us a little plug for show today he did he should did man yet guys amazing guy had like after a couple of days i'm kind of you know i gave some time in there i mean i don't ever think i'm chasing but it's like all right i'm not i'm not gonna impose myself anybody else and sometimes i'm done hanging out i need to go but you know it just it was nice hanging out with that gun with him ever not sure too so yeah somebody's he like john ruling michael jordan to fire fest i didn't do this of another email here as relevant to something we probably won't talk about that a couple couple of of people people ask ask us us about this this from katherine katherine bounds on catherine says it would be great if you could address the angle of jake jenner hall not replacing ben affleck as batman in the dc you but in talks with marvel for the spider man sequel thanks in a really enjoy the show he's still trying to be peter parliament cool jake john general is going to be mysterious yells kidding.

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