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To stop the wrong when an extra guy here's what i say you need to do against oklahoma make them drive the football ten to fifteen plays i'll go back to when we played the st louis rams they had a greatest show on turf and he was scored fifty points marsha falk and warner and isaac can tore in all that our game playing a game was to make them drive the football tinder fifteen plays in we get down to the fourth quarter in the school with something like seven to five because defensively we kept the ball in front of us and we did not give up any big plays and so if you're georgia you're gonna guess oklahoma it's a pro style defense make baker throw the football short underneath their big play office they don't want to drop the football they want to get the fifty to sixty our place look for me i'm going to ban but i'm not going to break it give up the big way yeah i agree with booker i you know blitzing is not a good option it might sound like like it will work but baker mayfield is one of the best that i've seen at not only recognizing pressure that's coming before the snap but being able to avoid it when it does come and that's when he kills you is when you commit an extra geyer to to try to stop him he buys himself another couple of seconds in and there are always guys running wide open when that happens and so i think you've got to be able to get pressure on him with your base fraught if you can do that then i think you you've got a chance yeah ended this is not a defense that's known for our in georgia they don't they don't blitz a lot i think there were th in the sec 26 blitz the curbing of them knows if he's got lorenzo carter he's got row quonset that that are kenneth sagged back in that they can play some defence i honestly this is a situation where they will not probably blitz ally in honestly isn't.

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