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Dude. Well, I love I love that scene in that film. Well, have to unpack that one where the train therapists. Dr Freud amiss prime. Wow. Okay. Anyway. So I didn't I wasn't sure that work necessarily as an antagonist because I don't think he's character was consistent basically from women to the Knicks. What does he want to do? Does he want to find Bubby wanna kill Bumblebee does he want to save be make your mind pal? I think I think he's I I like him. I think he's pretty consistent because he is generally to capture this dangerous thing for most of the running time until he realizes that. It's the lesser of two dangerous, and he described himself as a sort of he'll to baby face turn, which another wrestling term that I learned from Graham Norton faces a good guy. I thought I would just faces. Well, I don't know he is tall some heel. So, you know, so he actually kind of comes around. But I I quite like that that has happened in other things again if we're using the ET analogy he's a little bit. Like the Carter looks like Spielberg his name. I forget your keys. Yes, keys. Okay. So he's. I it's kind of like him interesting. But when they did live about this film was the relationship between Charlie. I'm Bubby was really really lovely. Really, really sweet. I'm going to say that this shit ain't easy. Hailee Steinfeld deserves a lot of plaudits for her performance in this because she's acting opposite. I don't know what the hell. She's acting opposite knoll on a stay or I mean who knows I wave in a flag three three people wearing orange Alfredsson. Who knows what she was acknowledged the to infest that performance with the believability in the heart, and the charisma that she has and Sola that she shows is no mainly. I also think this is a really this film. That makes a an unusually good use of the dead parent trope in love kids and teen films because I think it's I think it's cheap, and it's overused and a lot of the time. They're stripping the parents way. So the kid can have an adventure. Because if your parents are that you're going to be okay, that's kind of the feeling that you get. So in this one it is a there is genuine upset that runs very deep in her character. It's not always addressed overtly but stuff like the scene where she shocking Bumblebee back to life. I thought it was just a beautiful little sane of like her dad died of a heart attack. She she she's not just saying Bumblebee at that point. She seeing a chance to sort of almost change the past. I think that's just phenomenal storytelling kind of you know, echoing. But yeah, she she gives it some real emotional half. I think I it it might not have had in in lesser hands. Both as actress in terms of writing and directing as well kudos as well to the writer film, Christina wholesome for constructing the hoops as she has to jump through in order to get Charlie to actually dive into water. As a flaw point. Yep. I'm not sure how specifically she helped. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly that he was going to be fine. Or no. I mean, he can give him the kiss alive. He's a robot. So she sort of inspires him..

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