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This by the way happened shortly before the coronal lock down a little bit of mention of Corona Stuff Jenna Freedman. Have you ever been on a cruise? I made two pilots for adult swim. One animated one non animated called sperm boat and some fascinated by just by the feature dish that is I've been on a cruise ship but I've never actually been on a cruise because we shot that on a boat and it was so gross. 'cause CRUISES ARE I. I've been on a couple. Not really as a child and then I went on my recent trip to Antarctica. We have to we had right. GonNa vote to get there. And I'm not a fan of cruises trip to Antarctica was really cool. I would to be honest boring. Well yeah okay. Here's the thing and Arctic is really beautiful. If you just put on like a Oculus headset and sit in a boat of ice cubes you'll experience. The beauty of Antarctica with less of a carbon footprint was cold. It wasn't that cold. It was actually beautiful but to get there. You have to be on a boat for like four days with a bunch of retirees just trying to get seven continent. What did you do this on? My Dad's bucket list and my mom will go with him so you went. Did you touch in Ourika? Quiet you get out and yeah of course go on. Here's arrived packed. Yeah they don't want you taking any rocks or pebbles from a and they just kind of told us that but didn't tell us why so I looked into it and they're all these penguin colonies where we were docking and penguins build their nest out of pebbles. If you take pebbles than you make it harder for penguins to build their nests and female penguins then have to resort to prostitution. Get more pebbles. So that they can have the nest the resort to prostitution because they're deprived of resources. Then they have to prostitute themselves so that they can get pebbles from other male. Penguins says like a really interesting micro has about prostitution in general so the solve himselves pebbles. They'll other male penguins and if you want to know what penguin sexes. Maybe I have a video that so maybe we can link it to the pot. Well we'll have links and the podcast for anything that you want to link to yet. Jeff definitely just penguin sex. It's really cute. Like one penguins on top of the other and they just kind of fluttered there and then the last second. I guess he he I don't know is a penguin. Calmer whatever he does he comes inside the female penguin. Sorry if kids are listening but this is how this wire here because your mom was deprived of resources and had to shut dad. So you're from Jersey. And what do you tell people that your job is now a al? We'll tell people that I'm a writer comedy writer. Sometimes I say I write about the tragedy. That's happened to me in this talking to me. Do People tell you that your comedy is dark? Not TO MY FACE NO I. Don't I say my comedies? Dark you know it used to be talking now. It's just reflective of the Times. I don't actually think it's dark anymore. It's funny when court. Yeah it's funny when people say like your comedies. Dark when like we have what like Yao everything going on in our country's harder to be funny or easier to be funny when the world is apparently going to. I think it depends on where you are like. I do really well in the UK. 'cause they're Morbid Fox but here but I think like you know if I'm if I'm somewhere in the Midwest you know I think Americans are a lot more puritanical. An American comedy is a lot more absurd in philly and in the UK. They kind of liked darker comedy. I guess it always depends on where you are. How people receive you so you tailor. Your comedy set specifically for the region that you're performing a tiny tiny bit but sometimes not sometimes I'll go higher in places that I feel won't like it. I think you were telling me about Chicago. You would play different areas of Chicago. Yeah I started out in Chicago and IT'S A IT'S A. It's a beautiful amazing city. A lot of ways but one of the negative aspects of Chicago is that it's very segregated but for comedy. It was kind of interesting because you could perform all different areas and really get a sense of like if like you know the all gay audience or all hipster audience or like the West side which is predominately. Latino South side which is predominantly black. If all those different crowds liked your sat then you know are like and you know a joke work. Can you think of an example of a joke that you would change for a different ad job when I was first starting out and it was a lot more based on my observations of living in Chicago and there was more race stuff in there than there is now Comedy is changing. Times have changed but I had a job a while ago. That was like you know like I had gotten lost in some neighborhood and then I saw a tanning salon and I was like. Oh you know you're not in a bad neighborhood in that was a satirical joke about. Chicago's racial a racially segregated. Cities night did it at Brian. Babylon's coffee shop in the south side and people were laughing before I got to like a punchline but then I did it in like at the hideout which was like white hipsters and they were like wow. I don't do that joke anymore. Because it's really really old and only worked in one city Why would that not work in a different city? Do you think I mean? I also think it's different now because like I think in two thousand five. There was something about ironic racism that White Comedians were trying on in a way. That was like we thought was funny. But when you realize like I guess when you there's like a level of white blindness or just kind of like night like I always think about the Sarah Silverman show which was like really funny but doesn't really hold up now in certain respects and she would admitted herself just because like you know like ironic. Racism doesn't work if like your whole writer's room as white. You know like there are things that I think we understand. Now that we didn't really understand then We being like you know White people so I can't think I don't remember something from her show that that wouldn't well like her in black face. Oh Yeah I put on like Eddie Murphy. Raw which was great when I was fourteen or fifteen chocking. Yeah stuff is just. I mean obvious. It doesn't hold up but you know that's a cool thing about comedy if you're doing if you're doing it right and you're on the edge you know and the edge changes so it's like you want and now we are in this moment where some people will say that like everything so pc. It's hard to be funny but in a way it's like when you can break through that and be funny despite that then it's even cooler. Well I had a segment in In American content. That your comedy. Special to a couple of it was actually after the election. My last comedy special and I had a segment. The whole sentiment was about gender. The whole show about gender was Lorette when Caitlyn Jenner was coming out and I did. I had like a bit about Caitlin which I thought she was fair game because she supported Ted Cruz but then some women turfs the term is trans exclusionary radical feminists picked up the segment and put it on Youtube. As like this comic knows what I'm thinking and she really gets it and they just kind of took what I was saying out of context so then when I released it on audio actually took that whole segment out because I felt like the segment was something I don't necessarily believe but it was. It was like one of those moments. I don't want people to take this the wrong way and I also I feel like Caitlyn Jenner yes. She's like very hypocritical. But you know there's no reason to make fun of her at this point like Trans Women in general. It's so much harder for them and you know why punch down when you could punch up so they were using your comedy sort of as a tool to their own ends. Yeah and I wasn't into that. No so that's a moment where like I feel like I think I think we should all be able to like apologize. And like retool what we're saying to fit the times especially like at the time I didn't have any close friends who are openly trans and I do now and so I do see the world in a little bit hopefully more like nuance better way. And so it. Kinda has changed how I think about those things. Do you feel like you have to educate people or people in your family. No I don't talk to my family once. You're a comedian. You have to stop doing that. No I my family. I just don't talk to them about about comedy. Did they think you're funny? Your parents they still. They still don't know I think they do they. Just I don't show them my comedy. It's like don't ask. Don't tell your funny. Probably around the house right grownup. Maybe I'll know my sister was a funny one. I was always just like dark and weird and afraid of thing. She would work in weird she would listen to. Hbo Like she listened to whatever comics were on television and memorize their sets and do their sets of the dinner table but she doesn't do that anymore. She's a banker. Wow how about that? She older than you. Yeah so you took that from her. I G envious of you know. Now she's got a really nice life. A banker yeah funny about that they watch your shows do they watch your performance. They watch I think they. I think they might have Zakho over when you say Mom Dad. American con was a really good. Our thought And tried to listen to it recently and made me too sad because I had this I was like so hopeful before the election and had a joke about Republicans and I was like like that party is going to still exist twenty seventeen and now I just gives me like P. T. S. It's a provocative title that give you any trouble tired of tomorrow to promote us. But I I I put that title out there because I did it in the UK. Where conscious a term of endearment but yeah. It was hard to promote. Change it for the states because I like the word con. It's a it's a cool word. It's really benign. It's the least harmful word you can call a woman crazy worse way worse because crazy is like mainstream enough that if you say someone's craziest sticks whereas if you call someone reflects negatively on you. Yeah that's interesting can.

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