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Nellie. Brett Hull was Hulley Adam Oates Otzi greatly any was well Janney, and we've got gunny and gunny, and now Shannon Brennan Shanahan was Shani. It's, it's, it's always either. I e or wide by the way kudos. Steve Levy for letting us know the term washrooms haven't heard that in a while washroom, right? Go to the bathroom. Tommy likey tiny why Tommy going to washroom visa look I can only hope that after thirteen straight losses in Stanley Cup final play with all due respect to Boston Bruins, and their fans and the team that the floodgates are now open and the sT Louis Blues can. Go win the next three and then take home the Cup really. Well, better team from start to finish without question. They came out, hit in that first period to, to you, what a score fest. We're going to have three to until overtime in that absolute rocket by Guney. You know. Appropriate nickname for a guy to hit that shot. And that was a Howard of slapshot. But again, we'll see what happens as series. It's funny. The blues should be. I mean you could make it very community. They should should taken both games in Boston. I mean they had game. They were off to nothing and then Boston came back, and they dominated after that last night was the first day, the only game in this were they looked like the better team. Boston outplayed them in game one and deserve that win. Absolutely goes back to Saint Louis tied at one. Call Gunson's game winning goal is the MVP moment of the week. Brought to you by sport clips cut the way. Download the new sport clips haircuts app and check in how many games into the series before. Trade comes head to toe in Saint Louis blues gear. That's the real question. They send this. They went. Oh, wow. Okay. I like that. I like both answers. We are ninety eight days from the NFL season and Redskins head coach Jay Gruden thinks that hard noxious follow the Oakland Raiders, my beloved raiders coach by his brother Jon Gruden. The Redskins one of only five teams eligible for the program that chronicles training camp. So too are the raiders coach by his brother, John? So it could be the lion. San Francisco forty Niners. Giants or the other teams eligible to appear on hard nuts might go junior. Give me some like I guess it's win win for me like if the raiders are on it, I'm gonna watch it and salivate over every second if they're not on it. I love no distraction. Who do you wanna hard knocks? Oh, it's gotta be Oakland. Right. I mean, unless you could get the Browns to double back and go around to in this one. It would have to be Oakland. This classic brother move. By the way, you don't want to do something off a good opportunity for your brother. Love you, bro. People think you're just being a good family man. In reality, you know what problems you're jumping into his lap. And as mentioned the Redskins one of five teams eligible, Oakland Detroit Lions the Niners and. The New York Giants who have gone out of their way off season to make every move so poss so boring in their endeavors to make them as unappealing to hard knocks very true to be the raiders. But think about that. You just said, unappealing, I'll go back to could be allies last year. Daniel. These are all football topics, hard knocks is about the not about foot, but there's no sizzle with the ninth right now. Very zero sizzle the only counter I would have to the raiders, and the team has made it apparent they'd rather do it next year when they moved Vegas, isn't that a better story? Like you got a team moving to Vegas point. That is a good point. It is. But I mean I don't think they can listen. I think that from HBO's perspective that worried about this year. There was there was a two year run. Like when was the bucks. And then that was the falcons hawks and great wash was great Washington rate really well in Alabama, considering they have, like half the crimson roster just targeting the Alabama audience. Yes wash the way to go. I have a feeling you're raiders will be under the microscope. No doubt. Well, like I said win win for me. I'll watch every second of that. Good Lord, you think bad now we can have we can have like hard knocks updates every single day that point. Hard news out of major league baseball last night, there was a child struck by line drive at the cub Astor's game club. The cubs Albert Amora hit a fourth inning line drive into the stands down the third base line, where it struck a young girl. She was picked up by man who appeared to be with their he ran up the stairs with the child at the minute maid park. This was a difficult moment, obviously to watch it's difficult and even the radio call was difficult. But you gotta hear it L Maura, hammers.

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