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Felix Vega and James Berland there on the board. There was a comparison. I was just talking about comparisons between states. And there is a comparison that Bloomberg opinion put out earlier today, which I just thought was ridiculous. And we're seeing this narrative a bit. In the media. The piece says that New York's worst daily case count was 11,434 on April 15th. And it's worth seven day average was 9909 on April 10th. Florida had 15,300 new cases on July 12th and a seven day average of 9957. In other words, by this measure, Florida is a CZ bad as New York ever wass. What's a stupid measure? Two. Examine the two states by Because on April 15th The National Daily Average for testing was 145,000 among the entire country. On July 12th Florida alone conducted over 140,000 tests. So if New York had done 140,000 tests on April 15th I could pretty much guarantee you They would have come back with more than 15,300 new cases, right Can only imagine how many cases they would come back with tens of thousands. At that point, they were still in the middle of it, right. So just again. You gotta watch out for these apples to apples comparisons. There's a lot of variables that play into all of this. The big news today. I think Wal Mart requiring all customers.

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