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You can't in the beginning of. In my dreams. So. Okay. Haven't gotten laid, and this is really important. They have the tailgating thing in the back. You take that to a college game day. Oh my God. Can you imagine the BJ's you'd get on that? Hold on now also never gotten to be j. so I'm not. I'm not buying any of that on the colored. I I don't. I'm not buying you gotta get all of it. I'm not buying any of them. No. Why not? No. Why not? I think the Lamborghini is gonna get you get you all of it. I, I'm VJ. I'm going to get. I would get a BJ in SP. Okay. Are you sure about you smoke? J. j. j. I don't understand how many women I've met that just go, oh my God. You know what car every aspect that I know owned a Lamborghini. I agree. I agree with the help. I'm not one of them. I agree with general, but if you kind of look like a douche bag and you're in a Lamborghini, odds aren't that Lambert eightieth also. But, but, but you don't know, but you don't know what kind of girls I want to attract with the car. I want. I want the Lamborghini, any girl with arms and legs. Okay. Probably like that. No, no way above requirement sometime breathing. She breathing to go. Yeah, of course. They forced me to be buddy as BJ. Yes, as j. Absolutely. By the way I wouldn't spend the money on. I'm just going to secondhand event. No question about it. No question about it. I'd get the Ferrari SUV night. I'd wear the shirts with the sweaters on top and everything, and I'd be like that fucking dick watt..

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