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The most popular these services deliver food prepared and ready to eat and they're used by forty five percent of Americans and gobble up the bulk of spending on such services. An average of sixty three dollars a month at seven billion dollars a month. According to survey Californians us food delivery, the most then more than anybody else. Some I don't understand how that. You know bender. You you you get this door dash in the grub hub. And all that stuff. You're you're hooked into that. How does that happen? I mean does the restaurant give the driver a discount? No, no. So he just whatever it is. He's spending the urine to spend the same out. You just pay for the delivery. That's it delivery fee and tip. That's how it works. In fact, I'm meeting some delivery is. I don't know why nobody told me this. I just looked down. While the mayor was here. I went to the bathroom before he got here and zip my pants up, and my shirt got caught in there. So that's what they were talking about the whole time. I'm talking to mayor my shirt is sticking. In my pants interview. That's great. And no team players to tell me everybody out for themselves. But now everybody out for themselves. Make sense what they were saying I realize right on everybody. But there's a delivery fee sometimes five to ten dollars depending on what what time you're ordering where you're ordering from. How far does away from your destination? I understand like a good bowl of pasta, or maybe I don't even a sandwich being delivered. But I don't know how you deliver like fast food you. You deliver McDonald's or Jack in the box, and it comes warm. It comes hot comes warm. Yeah. And again, depending on proximity could job hot. And so it's the the person that goes to the restaurant first, and then comes to you. And they only charge five bucks. Yeah. Yeah. Usually like five to ten bucks. And then you would tip them on top of that. Generally. That's I see it's the again, the idea that you can't or don't want to get up and go I want that food to get up and show up. You don't I did last night. I sort of I just had enough last night. I ordered Chinese food on my way home. Yeah. It didn't didn't you were supposed to go to panda. I didn't want to another play. What did you find? I don't want to mention the name of the restaurant. Okay. Because I I go there often, I don't want to you know, some idiot to take a dump in my next while bowl of soup. Okay. So I I I'm going to this Chinese restaurant last night. And I'm going to get a Kung Pao chicken. And I said it comes with chicken and shrimp. I said, please don't put these shrimp in. They're just all chicken because I think I'm allergic to to shrimp. His last couple of times I've had broken out in hives, and and please no-one unions and the guy said, okay, no onions, and no shrimp. I said, that's right. I said can you do me a favor? I said can you read that back to me again, he goes by? I know I know, but I really need to hear that you're going to pass that along to them with no shrimp. And and the ones you said, okay. All right. So I go pick it up. I get home. There's more shrimp in this thing again, they have SeaWorld. I mean, this is you know, it it's basically a Long John silver's. It's like the buffet up Universal Studios. See for buffet. It's all shrimp, pounded and packed into this thing and filled with onions, so I called the restaurant and the guys who put you on hold. I was on hold for like three or four minutes. I hung up. I just through the crap in the trash and with the bed is one of those nights. Where like, you know, what they got me? I'm I'm defeat. Can't do anything. I better go to Ben in in in the war of takeout and delivery, right? They won. This battle goes to shrimp. That battle is over you lost battle shrimp. They got they won. I just hung up the phone through that crap in the trash and said I'm going to bed before I kill myself. And I almost did. Oh, no, no. I very today's is national mental health awareness day. Is that right? Yes. All right. Well, I say that on a daily almost myself, then how about the same day. That's just I almost half. That's not bad. I gotta try huffing is that I should take out. Don't you know, what here I have an idea? Huffing? Angels. You all the time, and I like to use the the gold paint. So that I've got a gold goatee. And I'm all done and your wild. I it's pretty cool. I did this a few years ago for the snap for the Graham and your big pure L guy. So you you might have inadvertently done this before where you got the pure L. You know, you rub it on your hands. And then for whatever reason you have to kind of touch your face. All right. And you forget that you have pure L. Breathe it in. Yep. And I did that actually intentionally for the for the Snapchat on the Instagram a few years ago, and it is brutal. But I can imagine that's probably about like your first half is going to be. I I learned a lesson about ten years ago when I used to smoke cigarettes. I puree held my hands and then lit a cigarette and both hands caught on fire. That's true. True story MS. I I lived the lighter, and they didn't burn it. Just burns the top layer of the Burell off. Right. And it burns quick even burn my skin. But for a second. I looked down on both hands are on fire. That is scary. Never pure AL and use a lighter. We're live on KFI..

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