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Cormier, the double Chen, Habib ner muggy made of Luke. Rocco? Jon Fitch, the list goes on and on one of the most story can't in all of mixed martial arts in India. And it was so tough to really was please don't hate me. But I went with heavier Mendez increasing cook because of the history of Daniel. Pour me made because of the fact that he came back from getting knocked out against John Jones because of with a made up did. And because of what the Ron win and Sean bunch and all the up and comers at did. Have your Mendez cook, congratulations? You are my coaches of the year. Let's hear from crazy, Bob. I. It's an honor to be the coach of the year with Javier Mendez for ESPN. We've worked at this for twenty years, you know, and produced a lot of great guys. But you know, the main credit means to go to the guys or the one in there. Doing the sacrifice working there this yell ADEMA bunch. But you know, it's it's definitely honor. And to have all the hard work. We've done over the years recognized probably Mendez, and I wanna thank ESPN PIN. voting myself in the coke as coaches the year two hundred this Lord, I wanna thank all my coaches for helping into into this great success for us where they go my fighters, especially DC and be for winning their titles, respectively seem to them a great honor to be involved with them and look forward to giving you more years. I think two thousand nineteen and be another big year for us. So watch outbreak gay might repeat again, I struggled with this one. It was a tough one really a lot of great choices and have to say about aka particular because in the end, I do feel comfortable with that pick. They have enjoyed an evolution over the years. You know back in the day. They were just like the kick boxers. Of course, then it was a lot of welterweight. And now they've turned into a really I think a an all around great team. I remember in two thousand nine when they had their little issue with the UFC and the entire team was banned. And I happen to. Be there and have your Mendez. Let me watch his t meeting, and he said, no one will break us will never break. We're gonna stick together where family, and we'll get through this, and we'll get over this. And it was kind of it was kind of breathtaking for me to be there to be honest to watch it. I really appreciate him allowing me to be in that close-door meeting so to speak, and they've really come a long way developing champions, like DC developing champions, like Habib remained off. And of course, back in the day. Luke rock hold and came Velazquez coming back. We'll deserve -gratulations. I have mentioned also four seven may save. So the head coach over there. He deserves a mention also gene behrman city kickboxing also deserves a mention for what he did with the likes of Israel out of Sonya..

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