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Eighty eight eighty seven that's eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven in on the web it's perry financial dot com perry with an eye please let him know the choice censure if you could buy a used car at auction chose like a car dealer wouldn't you of course you would well this is your lucky they hear do craig's ends free auction sale center or online at free auction sale said i hit by a quality preowned vehicles at twenty thirty forty two fifty percent less than the original new car price up to fifty percent less for an academy guard family cards scott luxury car truck or sportutility vehicle than many pluto ballot above wolf factory warranty is easy pick their vehicle you want in and make us an offer any offer and you could save low lowprice said dealers pay at object plus five zero down an incident credit approval to qualified buyers only at griggs ed's free auction sale center bought forty one joe self of jared's three in hollywood prelaunch and sales centred ikea beds free auction sales editor dot com or call eight four four ma i price we're speaking with dr bradley lam chief of foot and ankle surgery at a paleontology to dr land you're an expert in your field please describe exactly what it is you do and some of the most common foot and ankle problems you see being here the palea's two i c very unique would name cool deformities and conditions ranging from short chose were patients or form a short toes to arthritic joints of the big toe ranko that patients want to try to save or replace two ports injuries to revision surgery to doing surgeries where we save.

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