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Absolutely absolutely but the second thing was talking about the roadside memorial i'm down in port charlotte and last year there was a really horrific car accident and inglewood there were four teenage boys in a car and then a family of four parents in two kids in another car and the four teenage boys were all drunk they were all at least double the legal limit all four of them and they ran a stop sign and they tboned the family and the family was actually on their way to disney and these family the families of the four teenage boys were coming out saying they weren't they weren't they weren't that it came out from the pack screams and everything and they were but they actually created this whole roadside memorial for the four of them that you could like get out and walk through like i'm not just talking crosses and stuff on the side of the road i'm talking like the whole thing and like the there were people from accounting telling him to take it down and and they never did they kept putting it back up and putting it back down and i was out there in a while but i don't know what it is now but it was it was kind of a big thing for and as a dad i can understand you want to believe the best about your kids but sometimes kids make responsible decisions and they should you know unfortunately they face the ultimate consequences for two after the fact try to rewrite things it doesn't work that way you can use that opportunity as a message to say don't drive drunk it can happen to you but to to try to make it a happy peaceful let's remember them as they were instead of what how they died not buying that at all and and if if there is any positive in death krista and everyone else thank you for your call i i would say it is that we can learn lessons from it like a guy like robin williams k depression body not body dismore fear but he had a type of alzheimer's i.

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