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What did I say? Canadian? Yes, that's very odd what I meant to say okay. Good. The scene where the gargoyles like bust into their motel room yes. which their motel rooms like a whole like floor of a house or something it has a couple of big spaces. Yeah. So one gargoyles like in the bathroom like trying to make up and shit. Looking for the skull right I guess but also Mommy's not there. So they're going to try lipstick on and stuff. Cornell is wearing like Aladdin pants like kind of these like flow e like. Looks like the bottoms are just a jeans pants. One gargoyles shuts the bathroom door just to make it explode from the inside. Is already open is causing much damage as he could. There's like three or four of the gargoyles that are just coming to ravaged their bedroom still the skull, right? Right. Why is every action scene for the Gargoyles? Yeah. We sped up the car chases I was thinking about that too and if it was in regular. At regular speed, I mean I think the slow motion does make it slightly crappier maybe their makeup alone it's not like terrifying right And these guys the whoever they look kind of like the drones they just have like beaks. You. Know they kind of look like the sleep stacks in Jalis Same exact thing. Wonder. If that's the same costume makes us repurposes yet thought if they didn't slow it down decreases in the folds in the rubber costume might be more apparent or something. Cornell chases the gargoyles off in one of them. Crossing the streak is hit by a semi. It's almost like a he throws himself in front of a semi at it. Looked very avoidable. Did but the semi driver didn't stop either he's well. Yeah. Not another Goddamn Damn car while. You'RE GONNA. Say the. Same thing. But this is where we can actually get a good view because a good view. Cornell's. Upper Body. He wants to tend to the gargoyles but the doesn't want to touch it at the same time. Yeah. That's how you get Salmonella but that you can see the make up in the face and the is seemed kind of glow behind the makeup. That's pretty Goddamn call does this. Yeah. When he's like kind of tending to the almost dead when it does look cool. and. So many times where you like see the actors are teeth like underneath the custodian even that didn't look bad. So do you think they had those like back then they were just those completely blind contact lenses. That's why I got hit by the car is that what you're saying I mean What if they? What if that wasn't actually in the movie? Actor actually wandered out into the highway and got it. Well, you know. He would want us to keep the footage. I would say I. Dead I feel like in the seventies, there were a lot of like onset deaths that they're just like He knew the risks. That's right. So Now I can't Grayson her name's Grayson. Grayson Hall she looks like She's ready to party. She's been running this hotel slash brothel for years now, right? Being the only poker in the brothel I wouldn't go stuff I wouldn't call her a hooker. Hooker floozy. And maybe boozy floozie Boozy floozy there you go the ad but she does always have that like jelly jar full of wine or whatever that is that's awesome. Jennifer Salts, kind of she like Kinda Horny for. Scott Glen..

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