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Them and then leave the house with it. I'm kind of like I KINDA WANNA hang out with this guy like see how auto in a suit because of how normal. It sounds like the way he did it. It's almost like this is something he does. Yeah and then. He goes home to his girlfriend. He's like eight hundred four US one hundred this poor girl sitting on the couch. I get the fact that she's like. Did I get played could get played. Alex viewers to like a guy and he pulled this shit on. I think that even you would be so shocked. Yeah Yeah like taken aback. That you'd probably let them just walk out the door the money. That's actually so fucking amazing because is an example of a crazy guy blah. It is much. I'm so sorry you did get played to answer your question why he stole from you and has a girlfriend. How did you find out she? He has a girlfriend or he played played. You played you. He sold for you on the girlfriend. GotTa differ wallet if I am at. Oh my God okay. This is kind of sad. Oh own but I want your opinion office. Okay this girl this is from a guy. This girl I'm seeing never works out. When she was in high school school she did track and cheer and she was in fantastic shape however she is slowly getting more out of shape? The most unattractive part is that she she always brags about how much food she can eat. And how much she eats. She wants to be official. But I'm not about it solely because she slowly getting more and more out of shape how do I convince her to eat right and start working out again without sounding like an asshole. Oh by the way. She's not fat by any means yet but she slowly getting softer all right. There's in our Shukan. Women are like fuck him all right. This is the thing he does not really like okay. He doesn't like her however. I'm GonNa be on late devil's advocate and I know everyone's going to hate me for doing okay because because it works with both sides there is something we've had people right in. There's something about when going further when you're in a relationship and someone lots let's themselves go. Yeah it is not fair to your partner. That's not what they signed up for. I know it sounds fucked up like I'm sorry you gain two hundred pounds and they met you before like lose so much way and that's not like it's it's not how they met you and like it is kind of a mind fuck for this guy. I understand a little bit. He's saying she was an athlete and now she's just constantly eating and she bragging about how much she can eat but he's watching her physically and like she's just gaining a lot of way. I'm sorry but I kind of understand what he's like. I'm a little freaked out because some men I've dated are extremely attracted to women that just take care of themselves. You don't have to be the most in shape person but if you are just constantly bragging about how much you And all that chicken you can take down very interested in halbe gloss. Haitian rockslide why I give me the fucking chicken bucket from. KFC's I've watched this Jay go like I've just never you could say like babe like use this crisis the kickin bucket fucking God really know but you could bring up like her old cheerleading days or something and I know is kind of Dushi but you could be like look about body on you look at that. Oh It's you I know but you're like like all like do you miss cheerleading. Do you miss playing sports and like girls. Just keep in mind. Men are disgusting and they're visually looking at you and they're fucking calling us off off so this is really short and sweet and it's more of a public service announcement high daddy's Big Fan. Can we please tell guys should to stop with the masturbating videos while sitting on the toilet. Like I can't even enjoy your dig because I can only think about the huge. Oh Shit you took four hours ago. Never gotten one of those. I've gotten a guy jacking off into the toilet but I've never gotten him sitting and I haven't either but for some reason in could see the meeting and men. No no that's like. They need to be either laying in bed standing in front of a mirror. Yeah or standing somewhere that you could jockeying off John. Jahr like into the lake into a soccer like in tow. Yeah I'd seen seeing I think thought manually put yourself in position men bitch if the toilet is in the background of nude you squatting. We know you. Don't sit sit to p we know you only sit to shit it so just know that like. Fortunately that's what we're thinking about. When I see that you are jacking up? Like oh so he just so he just took a shit and he's into blunt gins. Yeah man so just. Don't okay I of another thing. That's kind of like a little beep BOP. Oh this girl wrote in an and sometimes I think the questions we get I just I don't know if I'm if we are on a different planet. We probably are can you guys please. In all caps talk about how you in Sofia where baseball hats you you and Sylvia always looked so Q.. And your ears are always covered and they don't stick out. How do you do it? It might be a dumb question but it's is always eluded me and my ears don't even stick out regularly but they just seem to when I wear hats help. I don't know if she meant to say eluded so she is asking how we were how we wear baseball. I just put mine on. I don't know we we put them on. And we we put our hair down even if you throw the hat on the Dome and you and you walk on nuts really what it is. And that's that and that's the T ooh. Oh My. Gosh you guys sals you guzzlers of calm you come fucking savages and we are still shot Autobahn on instagram. Which means you guys need to go? Follow our personal accounts if call her daddy ever gets shutdown. How're you GONNA find us? Go to our fucking instagram Graham. You go to Sophia with Enough Franklin with a y you go to Alexandra Cooper with a CALICO are someone said. They got confused last week. So I'm table today to see and it's an SNF's enough yet and we would love you guys to go falls and if you don't then maybe we're not where we one day we're gonNA just disappear off the planet and good luck guys. We love you so much if you could say every fucking week but you know you can leave multiple if you can just quickly quickly pick up your phone leave a rating and review. It really fucking helps us every day and this is actually Nada joke anymore. We are constantly. We having people try to shut us down so when you leave ratings and reviews actually helps US law. Yeah so that's why we're saying you know just and if you just kinda like copy and paste the link to like just like send it off. Yeah Kinda how haters in the universe trying to get Collard III taking down we will not naught repressed. Yes we will prevail. We love you guys. We will see you every fucking Wednesday we will be back with more fucking conned it is..

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