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Kept anybody else from going to the to the front and somehow blocked form and kept the pace from being fast is utter nonsense i'll show you why number one when kost alana was supposed to take noble envy to the top here's what he said he wanted me to be on the lead but i didn't have enough speed to get to the lead i made an asset but i got to the point where i had to give up how far can i go to try and get to the lead he said that his horse broke slowly hit the side of the gate and then after that yeah no ability to get up and get near justify wayne lukas said that that had no impact on the race at all he said strange that they sent him up there with another horse that was going to the front i mean that is strange and i totally agree because i even brought it up as being strange strategy to baffin on friday they not having to us that we're gonna go to the front and have him from the same stable i didn't even like that idea but even wayne said had no impact on the race so the bottom line is i didn't understand having another horse with natural speed in if you had a horse it was going to come from behind you understanding to set a pace but otherwise it made no sense to me but they won the run the horse but he even said after the race gary west we should have been in the race it's my fault the official chart caller here's what he said about restoring hope three wide entering the first turn moved in a bit steeping moved into a bit stepping onto the backstretch appeared done by the three as paul was allowed to be steadily back after that was it here's no windy out with his initial step brushed right side of the starting gate accelerated upon recovery took up position in mid pack when four wide and had little so the point.

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