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Yeah, I'm gonna take one of these big shot. That that is pretty funny they should I in all seriousness at attract like that. Maybe it turns cycle might help. Yeah, or even if they don't want it to full turn, so it just a pit button or something illuminates on their bumpers. So you can. You can tell they're going to be pitting or something. I don't know. But. But there needs to be something that that was pretty hard hit and a couple of hard. It's actually for boy in that thing and it just didn't need to happen. That was a car that was running pretty well. I knew it was also running really well. So neither one of those cars need to be torn up on on an I like that and this shoe that kind of a hard hit. That's that can be bad later on Ross Chastain had his opportunity his shot at the big time driving in the xfinity series race and boy, did he make headlines? We're going to hear from him in the was driver spotlight or driver feature of Ross. Chastain is next on DFL w feature spotlight, whatever, like us at Facebook dot com. Slash the final lap. This is the final land weekly. My name is Kerry Murphy. His name is Toby, Christie, and we are doing it right now. The drivers spotlight is Ross Chastain big story of the race in the series getting a huge opportunity driving for Ganassi. He led ninety laps in that race until he tangles with Kevin Harvick Chastain spun Harvick immediately, gay him. That was awesome. Both of their days barbeque then led his mouth fly in the post wreck interview. Let's hear the opening thoughts from Ross Chastain like this opportunity, man, it's like once in a lifetime and the right chicken, that's racing and Jeff and Follett Karpov DC solar for for opening the door for me has been incredible the last two weeks to get up to speed with c. GR and try to use all the pieces to their puzzle to go fast in a race car, and you know, struggling through second practice yesterday, but then come out today with my crew. Just basically telling me, go drive just quit trying to think about everything every lap and we did that. They had just drove the race car and took what it would give me. We were to free there that that final run. We're up front and those guys closed back up and they kept rolling the bottom role in the bottom..

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