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Shore channel four meteorologist. Chris Franklin no deal on border security on the thirteenth day of the partial government shutdown. The new congress is being sworn in today. CBS news correspondent Paula Reid. Chelsea's President Trump is willing to engage in a lengthy battle to fulfil his signature campaign promise, Democrats have refused to allocate any money for a border wall. Let alone the five point six billion dollars. The president has demanded a source familiar with a private meeting later held with congressional leaders in the situation room. Tell CBS news that when Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer pressed the president to reopen agencies unrelated to border security, Mr. Trump responded, I would look foolish if I did that in New Orleans east the NLP reporting two people dead in a garage sitting a car that was running the deaths right now are unclassified w wwl Duke Carter is on the. The same family members. Tell us that they got the call around midnight. And they say police arrived them, unfortunately, they say the law was going off. They found a Gabbay tell us that police found two young people inside of a car and the car was running at that time, they say family members. Again, tell us that the people involved were too young people, Marcus Willis, junior and marquee were still confirming marquee Shas. Last name. The Louisiana legislature is seeing a high turnover rate as twenty to state lawmakers roughly fifteen percent have left office without completing their terms electrical analyst Bernie Pinson, I'd says between the workload the time away from jobs and families and the lack of retirement or medical benefits is just not an attractive physician. I don't think about running for re-election. They just quit or late term. Which is a Beijing almost astounding because everybody. Wants to be a legislative everybody wanted to be governed. Everybody won't be elected official and the state has held ten legislative sessions in three years, including seven special sessions. A sixty eight year old man is facing charges of terror rising after threatening to shoot shoppers at a store w wwl's Kevin Barnard has more on that. Nobody knows who took his buggy or if they took his police Lieutenant Clint Dempster says Luis Umberto became irate after hey claims. Someone took a shopping cart accusing several customers at nabbing the cart. While he wasn't looking anytime youth behaving in this matter. It won't be tolerated. Police obtained a search warrant for the man's carving. A forty four magnum demand had told police his intention was to grab the weapon from his car and returned to the store to shoot the person responsible for the missing buggy, obviously is going to cause chaos the management handled the situation. Very well. Kevin Barnhart w wwl. First news are dry January campaign. It started a few years. England, and is now making some waves on this side of the pond. WW wells down aims reports. More Americans than ever are taking the pledge to give up booze for this month, the health benefits of going dry for a month may go well beyond January because you're altering your patterns of behavior. So throughout the year when you're thinking, we'll do I really need that extra drink. You may put it back just because you were able to go thirty or forty days without drinking Dr Whitney hardy with the Ochsner health center says alcohol can also out your skin. So your skin may improve as will your quality of sleep and going without the empty. Calories of alcohol will help you keep that resolution to lose weight. Trading. Josh getting underway on Wall Street and doesn't look good. Those after apple reporting fears of much lower earnings the Dow is down three hundred three points at the start NASDAQ down seventy four oil is up sixty eight cents at forty seven..

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