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Eighty gets out there i think oklahoma's is as got a jump it up in there now at you know miami's coming up to the top you know the to me the seating at this point is mood but you you know you've got to have alabama you're going to have miami you're going to have oklahoma and i think right now it's still clemson i think that wisconsin doesn't have any quality wins yet to prove otherwise and and and you know even if they win out it's either they'll they'll work their way in but i think the top four alabama miami oklahoman clemson right now are that fort teams miami is part of the team that we didn't expect to be there there was the euro away mark rick second year thou their 9'0 here's kurt herbs street talking about miami need to focus now they're gonna get praised in my opinion i have miami up into the top four right now i i'd put him at three we'll see what the committee does on tuesday night way unveil those rankings it's a different game now for miami they've been able to play off of playing with a chip on their shoulder the last couple of weeks people don't respect us people were doubting us they really rallied around matt now after the rankings come out people going to be talking about how about miami boy their greatly they've already clinched the coastal they're already on their way to the acc championship they need to block all that out continue to play with hunger and desire despite playing teams that have lesser ability in virginia and pit before they get to a big game at the end of the year against clemson other what's fantastic about were routed college football right now is if you look at the top eight teams let's say that'll be out this week they're all kind of play each other so we have miami plane clemson in essence you came here in charlotte were where i live while we'll have oklahoma possibly playing tcu now though drop out of the top eight but oklahoma by police you again in the big show temperature came over in alabama the irb will have to.

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