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I'll bring up the white one. No. That wouldn't stand out in a strip ball at a spa. No. They'll never think that I'm the same guy who came back. Lee Buick skylark. Yeah. Something like that. Yes. You don't have anything in the in the garage. That's a little less like a miata or something something there's a scene in the dark night. When Bruce Wayne he's like, I'm just gonna go out. I'm gonna take something casual or whatever. And it's a Lambert. Like, Mr. craft doesn't have like an eighty five zero in there. Like, you know, what I'm gonna really dumb it down a little bit noth me 'cause wouldn't that fit? A you have somebody driving you in your Bentley and you pull up like big baller here. And in a you get out I in your shoulder. Got it got a Super Bowl rings on knowing. Well, I'm I'm sore. Me much time. Good luck. Mr crap. Now, I'm Steve Oklahoma owner. Call me, Bobby. Yeah. Yeah. Not pulling up to some fancy hotel spa. Some kind of outrageous looking building all the heavy hitters come here to get their massage. Yeah. You can't sort of ease into the spa if you pull up in a Bentley. And I'm guessing you probably if you were going to the AFC title game, you've probably had your shirt with French cuffs cufflinks. I I don't know if you. Now, that's where you walk by. And you act like you're not going you weren't going in there like you might have been going to Godfather's pizza. But then you go, dude. You don't see Warren Buffett's check cashing facility and a strip mall had in his wallet. This reminds me of the move when they had real video stores with the adult section had like the movies right near there. Mr mom. There were like curtains or they'd have those beads where where you, you know, the the big strands of beads as you would go through. And then they could hear you going through. Yeah. There's a sec segment of this audience going wait there were video stores there, isn't there? One blockbuster video store in its in Alaska. Yes, yes. There's one left. That guy's hold that. I love that. I loved going to the video store. Can you imagine flying your little plane 'cause you had an Alaska they use like opt to prop plane kitty Kityo Vagit going all the way to the Fairbanks blockbuster getting your tape. Fly by ach. Video don't forget to rewind. I remember getting fined for be kind rewind, and I didn't rewind my video with actual very bad. John Jack, black movie be kind rewind actually made a movie about it's terrible. Yes. When I was about twelve my friends, and I on my mom's account at the local video store rented Caddyshack without her knowledge. And then we just kept it for about. Oh, two years, and she tried to told her starter turn it. They were going to charge her two dollars a day, but she just had to pay. But she ended up I shall she always reminds me, you know, I once paid seventy nine ninety five to buy Caddyshack for you. When you're thirteen..

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