Kelvin Tomlinson, Pablo Saad, Audi discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Jared hughes here's the pitch swing the slow chop third bayside foul strike one virata has shown an excellent ability to get a ground ball so far in this game with men on base that would have been another ground ball off the battles big al gomez switch hitter batting right handed kelvin tomlinson is on pablo saad of all its second the at first giants down by two here in the sixth inning down the stretch and the pitch ground ball it softly too short that's fielded and thrown the third by peraza and then pablo in with a hard slide on blandino who had forced him out was like one of those takeout slides at like at second base you make a slide like that at second base go right past the back the empires are empowered to call that a double play blandino did not to look too happy with poblano of what he said to him he ended up tagging pablo audi came off the bag to get out of harm's way when he saw pablo is slightly right toward him and not the bag though he did hit the bag on his way by so here's tomlinson and he takes a strike but not a good at back there for gomez who the only thing that kept that for being a double play was then just didn't hit it hard enough two hundred second gomez it i drive in the right field that's going to get in their base head one shetler goes to third and stops and now the bases are loaded.

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