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That just turned out not to be true. Combined with that you have this documentary recently that was actually produced by Michael Moore of all people called Planet of the Humans. Perhaps you've seen it that Ah goes after some of the left policy prescriptions for alternative energy sources. That again do not deliver what the left promises they will deliver. So this is sort of environmentalists. People that are very much you know, climate change oriented criticizing other people are very much climate change oriented, but actually trying to measure the impact of the policies versus what they promise to produce. And so I just wonder if maybe we're entering an era of rationality as a reaction to some of the overreaches of the end times in 12 years and and we're going to power, the world's greatest economy with solar panels and switchgrass crowd Well, I think it's you know, to take a world of our economy, a $20 million chilling economy or $87 trillion world economy and turned it in 20 or 30 years of foundation. The numbers just don't work to scale doesn't work. So you know, we'll see you no more renewable, certainly coming in. And if the Biden presidency that climate would be a big theme of it, But the reality is on. The other thing about that's out there, of course, is it's gonna take a lot of money. And resource is to bring our economy back, too. You know all the small businesses that have been really hurt or close down and so forth, So there's not gonna be as much money around to do all these other things. I think people think because the urgent problems or to get people back to work. And with respect to Ah energy in a geopolitical sense. What are the conflicts potentially on the horizon that America will have to navigate over sources of energy? Well, I think you know if we, you know, it's interesting. The Middle East is less relevant now from annoy ll for the United States That was in the past. And so you could have a big attack you had last summer in Saudi Arabia. That is the biggest oil facility in the world. And nothing happens because we're basically virtually energy independent. We have energy security. I think the issues in the future, you know, I think we're going in tow, more Rocky world in our relations with China are not what they were a few years ago when previous presidents talked about a constructive relationship with a changing China. Now they're very few things that unite Republicans Democrats in Washington one is seeing China as a strategic rival is a competitors. And so I think relationship figured out the relationship with China, which has a big energy component. We export energy right now to China is part of the trade deal. That President Trump negotiated, but at the same time we're rivals and I think sorting out that relationship. And I try and in the new map to really make it very clear in a very, you know, in terms of people how this all Came about this big change in our relationship with China. That's going to dominate the next decades. And how do you react the other day? I should say the other guys out there. This guy named Vladimir Putin and I have a story in the book. About being shouted at by Vladimir Putin when I mentioned the word shale because he doesn't like us shale, and but I can tell you being shouted at by Vladimir Putin is not a fun experience where you shot that in Russian or English. It was Russian and I listen to the translation. But I could tell from his body language, didn't you? Did you? I mean, were you on Terra Firma and the United States or were you overseas? Oh, no, I was there and he was on the platform with Chancellor Merkel's Germany. And so they said, That's the first question. I asked him a question. What? I was asking one question I mentioned shale and suddenly he rock erupted like a volcano. So Ah, you know, I put on sunglasses and made my way carefully out of the conference. Exactly. Wow. With respect to Ah T energy policy on the global stage. How do you react to Joe Biden and one of the things you said on Tuesday night, saying You know, Basically, we need to go back to the Paris climate Change accord. Well, I think I think that you know that's where he is politically. And I think that what might be even the first thing he does is president. I mean, we're not quite out of itcause over this period. It took a few years to withdraw from it. I think that would draw comes justice. We're going into this election and I think he you know he his climate plan is a lot more like what the Europeans are are planning to do, But you know, it's less than Bernie Sanders. Climate Plan with $16 trillion It's just only $2 Trillion. He is Daniel Jurgen, vice chairman of I s Market author of Pulitzer Prize winning author of the Prize, the epic Quest for oil, Money and Power, his new book, the new map, Energy Climate and the Clash of Nations. Daniel Berrigan. Thanks for joining us Appreciate it, thank you, and I'm glad that the fracking is helping to keep Chicago war attracting, he said. Scott Daniel Reagan. Thanks for joining us. You don't decide the turnkey dot pro insulin. Now we turned over for headlines with Mike. Grab a seat and sharpen your pencils class is in session with Professor Dan Proft on the Dan Proft.

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