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O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s Rita Kessler is in the traffic center Well while it's been a little more difficult today to track the convoy it seems they've split up in a few different groups One of the groups went across the Woodrow Wilson bridge on to northbound I two 95 that's where the police were blocking the exits today forcing them on to northbound D.C. two 95 all of those exits along D.C. two 95 were blocked as well including the exit to kenilworth and 50 to New York avenues and they had to get on to the northbound Baltimore Washington Parkway They look like they are heading toward the outer loop of the beltway then there was the group that went on three 95 headed across the freeway seems they avoided they were trying to avoid the delay that's already on the eastbound freeway headed across the outbound 11th street bridge Instead taking away through the district getting back on to Pennsylvania avenue getting on to north bend D.C. two 95 so they were also heading up the BW Parkway and the last group was heading across the outer loop Woodrow Wilson bridge yet again headed on to northbound I two 95 through the delays to continue under the Baltimore Washington Parkway One can only assume they're going to head on to the outer loop of the beltway and then head up northbound two 70 to get back from where they came Now if you're in Virginia on 95 northbound the delays from route one in Pennsylvania had a pass route three and Fredericksburg due to a work zone Then the delays from Quantico into triangle and dumfries that looks to be a mobile work crew then from lorton into newington before the fairfax county Parkway reportedly the crash activity was moved over to the left shoulder but keep an eye out in case that left lane is still blocked there We also have a delay on the interleave but the beltway out of Springfield headed toward Braddock road That is usually due to a work zone We do have work on the outer loop in Maryland headed toward Carter rock and Luigi bridge That work was along the right side American military university is proud to educate our nation's military veterans Move with the purpose to the university that's got your 6 go to AMU online dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Now the forecast from storm team four is Samara Theodore Mostly sunny today with highs in the mid to upper 60s some spots near 70 Tonight mostly clear with temperatures falling into the 40s overnight Tomorrow plenty of sunshine.

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